The Walking Dead season 9: Lauren Cohan returning

Lauren CohanJust in case there was any stress over whether or not Lauren Cohan would return to The Walking Dead for season 9, some of that may be lifted now.

While speaking at CinemaCon (per  Entertainment Weekly), the actress confirmed that she will have a presence on the upcoming season. Of course, with that we know that a lot of the elements to Maggie’s upcoming story are still unclear.

For starters, there is this question: How much of a presence is the character really going to have? Cohan does still have a pilot over at ABC in Whiskey Cavalier that, if picked up to series, could severely hamper her participation long-term. She may be able to film the earlier part of season 9 if the show is picked up but beyond that, she would eventually have to depart this summer. Maybe if the new series doesn’t begin until the new year she could stick around longer, but one way or another, there would be a lot of season 9 episodes without Maggie as a part of the cast.

If the new show isn’t picked up for a season, it’s possible that Maggie stays put for much of season 9, but even with that it does still feel as though the character is on borrowed time to a certain extent. If Cohan is interested in booking other pilots she’s certainly going to have an interest in doing another one next year if this one doesn’t stick — unless, of course, AMC hammers out some enormous long-term contract that is to tempting to ignore.

Remember that The Walking Dead season 9 will premiere at some point this October over at AMC and we’re hoping that going into the summer, there will be a chance to learn a little bit more about what’s coming up for not just Maggie, but for many other characters on the show in the aftermath of the All Out War. We know already that Maggie is ready to turn on Rick over his decision to keep Negan in prison rather than just killing him, so that storyline is going to be one to watch.

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