Deception season 1 episode 7 review: Is someone already being killed off?

Deception episode 7ABC gave Deception a special night to air the first part of two-night event and it did not disappoint.

When Cameron goes missing Kay realizes the only person who can help rescue him is his brother. So she has him temporarily released from jail. Together with the team, they discover an event where the mystery woman will be. Next, Jonathan goes under cover at an event called the Octagon as a contestant with Kay. As a woman reads the rules over the loud speaker, Jonathan realizes he voice is of the mysterious woman they are after. When he has to go off on his own Kay tells him she trusts him.

What’s great about this scene is we truly understand how much Kay respects her partner. There aren’t any romantic feelings, but Cameron and Kay have developed a trusting friendship and when Kay puts her trust in Jonathan, we know it’s because Cameron trusts him. It’s a great moment that could be overlooked because it’a a quick scene. However, it is very powerful.

Jonathan enters a room where a riddle is on the wall. He quickly and easily solves it. This leads him to the next clue which he solves again. He does this until he gets to the room where the real puzzle is. Fascinated by the puzzle, he solves it but gets trapped inside the room by the mysterious woman. Jonathan breaks free with the lock pick Gunther made him, but the woman gets away from both him and Kay. This causes a rift between Kay and Jonathan because he wanted to shoot her. Kay believes he was thinking selfishly in shooting her. This also breaks the trust between Kay and Jonathan.

Despite the awkwardness between Jonathan and Mike, Mike lets Jonathan visit the team’s apartment in order to continue the search for Cameron. This was an unexpected move by Mike because he feels threatened by Jonathan at times due to his budding relationship with Dina. Back at the FBI, Kay realizes that the puzzle Jonathan solved was the key to stealing a diamond at the Rockefeller auction. This why where the team suspects that the mystery woman kidnapped Cameron in order to steal the diamond.

Even though Kay does not trust Jonathan enough she knows he’s her only chance at helping her get Cameron back. The two attend the event and when the diamond comes out, a bidding war rages on until the communication systems begin to fail and man charges for the diamond in front of everyone. Jonathan knocks him out of the way, but the man gets away. However, Jordan is knocked out. Kay goes after the man while Mike and Jonathan defend the vault. Things take a turn when the man gets the better of Mike and Jonathan ends up in the vault alone with the mystery woman.

So far this episode is doing a good job at keeping us guessing. We know that confrontations will happen, but we aren’t exactly sure. In addition, this is the second time Jonathan has come face to face with the mystery woman and there’s a certain exciting and suspenseful feeling when these two meet that makes us want to stay on the channel. The dynamic between them is great and it’s different than it is with Cameron.

Jonathan hands over the diamond to the woman while Kay comes face to face for the first time with her where she reveals that the man who tried to steal the diamond was Cameron. Kay rushes to the vault where Jonathan got everyone out except one before the vault shut and started to depressurize. Now here’s where the shocker came in. Cameron took off the mask to reveal himself to Jonathan before he collapsed inside the vault. The episode ended with him unconscious on the ground.

It was a great twist and one that we can honestly say we didn’t see coming. We had a feeling Cameron was the man, but we didn’t expect him to collapse because of lack of oxygen. Overall, it makes us exacted for part two. Kudos to the writers on this one.

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