How Criminal Minds season 14 can continue to make Emily Prentiss shine

Emily PrentissIn today’s edition of TV Heroes we are putting the focus on Criminal Minds and, in particular, someone who is certainly known by many viewers to be an integral and iconic part of the series: Emily Prentiss. She first joined the series all the way back in the second season and since that time, she’s shown us many different reasons why she is one of the series’ strongest characters.

Obviously, it’s easy to just label Emily a hero because of her job itself. She’s leading the Behavior Analysis Unit, one of the most difficult jobs within the entire FBI. She has to take on a wide array of extremely different UnSubs and also know how to handle them in the most precarious of moments. She’s learned over the years as to how to tackle almost situation that is thrown at her, and she does it with determination, intelligence, and above all else patience. She knows when to strike but, at the same time, when to allow time for events in the field to play out.

One of the most admirable traits about Emily is the methodical nature in which she does her job. She’s not that stereotypical agent who wants everyone to go in, guns-blazing, thinking that this is the only way to save the day. She wants to do whatever saves the most lives, including at times even the UnSubs. She understands the value of life and the importance of her job. Add to this some of her admirable personal traits — she is a great friend, a supportive leader, and someone who knows how to collaborate with a lot of the different personalities that are within the BAU.

Perhaps the best exhibition of Prentiss’ strength on Criminal Minds season 13 came, interestingly enough, at a time in which she was the most vulnerable earlier this season: When she was struggling to come to grips with precisely what happened in the midst of the Linda Barnes investigation. That’s when she struggled to keep fighting for her job, but she listened to Reid and others encourage her to keep fighting. This is a real testament to a true hero, someone who recognizes and realizes the right times in which to listen to the voices around you and let them be the ones who are encouraging for a change.

Through every season, Paget Brewster shines in bringing forth the right amount of enthusiasm, passion, and power into this role. Even though Criminal Minds is a procedural that often has its characters doing similar things every week, she does still find a way to bring something new to this character almost every time in which we see her.

Technically, Criminal Minds season 14 hasn’t been ordered yet but we remain confident that there are going to be many more episodes ahead, and with that, abilities in which she can show off. The more variety the writers give Prentiss, the better off we’re all going to be as viewers.

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