Supergirl season 3 episode 15 review: Did Sam learn the truth? Mon-El, Kara train

Supergirl season 3 episode 15Tonight, Supergirl season 3 episode 15 reminded us of a number of different things, including precisely how ruthless Lena Luthor can be when she has to in order to get precisely what she wants.

Tonight, what she wanted to get was further proof that Samantha Arias was, in fact, Reign. Sam didn’t want to believe it; instead, she fought against Lena as she did everything she could to contain her in what was, effectively, a makeshift prison. In doing so, the heartbreaking story of Sam hit another level as she had to watch a video recording of her transforming into someone else. She didn’t want to believe it until she was confronted with the reality — at that point, unfortunately, there really was no backing off of it or looking away.

Sam basically admitted in the closing minutes that she needs to be kept away from Ruby while she is still struggling with this other side of her. Meanwhile, James Olsen also paid her a visit and the two proved to be on good terms — or at least however good they can be given that we’ve got someone harboring a pretty big secret at the moment.

Back at the DEO, meanwhile, the majority of the episode revolved around a completely different crisis tied to J’onn’s father Myr’nn, who was trying to use some of his powers in order to compensate for some of the parts of his brain that were starting to suffer. As a result of that, we ended up seeing in turn a spiral as leaks in his psyche were causing rage to spill out to other people within the building. Winn of all people was getting into violent confrontations, while Mon-El found his sparring session with Kara turn dangerous when she started to get angry and confront him about some of the issues that the two had in their past.

By the end of everything, we saw J’onn untilately in a position where he had to make a decision, even if he would not like to, regarding his father. As chaos started to reign across the DEO Myr’nn eventually realized that it was time — his powers had to be contained, even if it was difficult to repress that part of him that he closely identified to his own identity. We are now at a place where he is going to have to accept his illness — and the same goes for his father. what is fantastic about this whole storyline was how it brought something that was real and relatable to what can be thought of as a fun superhero show.

The aftermath of Myr’nn’s admission

Kara did have to come to grips with the fact that she did have more feelings in her mind for Mon-El than she had let on — some of that was anger that she hadn’t gotten over, and some of it was just pure pain. Mon-El did hear her out and, in a bizarre way, Kara was grateful for the Martian attack since it caused her to open up about some of demons that were hovering around in her head.

In the closing minutes of the episode we saw Kara and Mon-El finally take to the skies together, only to realize that the arrival of the final Worldkiller was there: Pestilence.

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