Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: The Iran Deal, Ryan Zinke, and more

Last Week TonightThere was a new edition of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver this weekend, and (of course) the host decided to kick things off with a discussion of Michael Cohen. While there were a few good jokes when it comes to Donald Trump’s personal lawyer, eventually the show did pivot over to a new topic: Ryan Zinke, the Secretary of the Interior. First and foremost, Oliver lampooned Trump’s apparent lack of knowledge when it comes to what the job is.

Following that, we got a pretty good sense of Oliver’s “flair for creative license.” That included him claiming that he was a geologist and also him having a special flag anytime in which he is in his office. He’s not someone we were altogether aware of beyond his name or his title, but we are very informed about him now. This may be one of the best segments when it comes to a Trump Cabinet member that we’ve seen.

As a matter of fact, the Zinke segment was so good that Oliver ran an “and now, this” clip that was all about him repeating his “I’m a geologist” line time and time again

The main story – It’s about diplomacy. To be specific, it’s about the Iran deal. This is a deal that Donald Trump has trashed time and time again using a number of different insults. He hates the deal and has made that clear.

Yet, is actual Iran quite like we picture it? That was one of the big subjects at the center of the segment. For starters, Iran actually is a little more moderate than it’s been in the past, and there are a number of people there just trying to live their lives. Oliver also went through a number of different components of the Iran deal and it actually was pretty strict.

We feel like the main point of this segment (other than giving us a really funny fake podcast with Oliver and James van der Beek) was giving you a sense of what’s actually in the deal and showing you that much of what Trump is saying about it is not entirely true.

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