The Good Karma Hospital season 2 finale review: Paul’s recovery; Ruby’s decision

The Good Karma Hospital season 2 finale

While The Good Karma Hospital does occasionally have its fair share of lighthearted moments, we would say that it was almost impossible to watch the season 2 finale without a waterfall of tears pouring out of your eyeballs.

We’re speaking here especially of Paul’s story, where he did his best to come back after what was a painful suicide attempt at the end of this past episode. He was haunted by the loss of his great love Maggie, and through a vision she explained to him further that there was no real need for him to become overly concerned on seeing her in the afterlife now. After all, she will be there waiting for him the moment that he does go.

This episode, at least for Paul, turned out to be largely about him starting to come to a better understanding that there can still be a future for him and he doesn’t need to let his demons overtake him.

For Lydia, she had to take a painful journey of her own courtesy of Virginia, who turned up and proclaimed that she wanted to die and wanted Lydia’s help in doing so. These were gut-wrenching, especially after the storyline that Lydia was faced with when it comes to Maggie just one season ago. We feel for Lydia, but hopefully she will carry great memories of Virginia with her.

As sad as these stories were, there were some happy moments elsewhere. Take, for example, Ram and Mala getting married in the final ten minutes! This was a loud, joyous, and happy occasion that allowed us an opportunity to see these characters celebrate. (Also, apparently having a wedding at Ram’s age is very much exhausting.)

In the aftermath of the wedding, was there a chance for some happy moments between Ruby and Gabriel? We knew that we wanted some, but clearly the producers want to leave at least something out there in the air for a third season. For now, the important thing to note coming out of the finale is that for many characters, they have battled some of their demons and are now very much on the other side. They have a chance now to move forward and celebrate what are the joys in their lives. You had some romance, some excitement, and also a celebration of the humanity of us all.

You also had that cliffhanger in the closing minutes where Ruby decided to go visit her father again at the tea plantation and explore a little more of her past.

CarterMatt Verdict

From start to finish The Good Karma Hospital delivered a really great finale, especially when it comes to packing in some emotional moments and giving us hope for the future of many characters.

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