The Durrells season 3 episode 6 review: Understanding Gerry

Durrells season 3 episode 6It’s fair to say that The Durrells season 3 episode 6 was, as a whole, a fairly different sort of episode for the ITV series. While to date we have seen the show spend most of its time embracing the great outdoors, this time around they opted instead to go inside for most of the hour for a big, exciting family outing.

Unfortunately, this outing turned rather depressing at one point thanks to the actions of Gerry. Louisa’s youngest had a birthday party that was geared very much in his honor; yet, she struggled when it comes to nailing the precise tone of it. You see, she has developed a fondness as of late for treating Gerry like a youngster; however, he wanted to be thought of as more of a man. He decried against Louisa throwing him a kiddie party and, at one point, retreated to his room.

Following this outburst, though, we saw Louisa effectively giving Gerry what he thought he wanted — an older, more mature party that wasn’t such a light, funny celebration. It was only through seeing the other side of things that Gerry started to realize that he really did want more of a party than he first realized. By the end of the episode, it was therefore rather fun getting a chance to see him in the birthday spirit.

As a matter of fact, by the end of the episode Gerry even admitted just how grateful he was!

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Spiro’s sadness and other odds + ends

What was going on with Spiro? That was a question that was raised many times over throughout the episode — as it turns out, it may have to be due to trouble with him and his wife. We’re sad for him, but of course there is still a part of us spontaneously rooting for him and Louisa to get together. We did get a good sense of how this ‘ship could be progressing in the closing minutes, when he admitted to her that his wife and left and his uncertainty as to why. She comforted him and with that, we had yet another reminder as to why we like seeing the two of them together.

As for some other parts of the episode, we started to actually see Leslie embrace his role as father-to-be in a way that he didn’t previously. It was through seeing more of this journey play out that he started to feel more grateful for what he had and what he wanted out of his life.

CarterMatt Verdict

Overall, we would say that The Durrells season 3 episode 6 was smart, interesting, and reflective. It had some of its characters approach the world in new ways and also feature some big developments. Given that we are near the finale, this does feel like the right time for some of these changes to come into effect.

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