Gotham season 4 photo: A closer look at Cameron Monaghan’s Joker

GothamJust in case you wanted more of a clear look at Cameron Monaghan as The Joker on Gotham season 2, we come bearing what we feel is absolutely some really great news — one of the first real close-up photos we’ve seen!

This photo (see below) comes courtesy of the actor’s official Instagram account and it gives you a pretty clear sense of how Jeremiah (in modified form) is going to present himself — which is certainly more dignified than what we often saw from Jerome. With that version of the character, what we saw was strictly just anarchy. With The Joker, it could be a little bit of controlled chaos. You can see with the white face-paint that there is an intention here to stand out from the field — there are remnants of Jerome’s style and some of his flair. Yet, there is also something distinguished and meticulous here. The facial expression is not one of someone who is about to go out on the street and murder every single person he comes into contract with.

What is so fascinating about the Gotham version of the Joker is precisely how intelligent he is. Jeremiah has spent the better part of the past several years honing his skills in a bunker. He’s an expert builder and can probably fight Bruce and Jim Gordon with a wide array of different trinkets just as much as with hand-to-hand combat. Whether or not he is as influential a leader as Jerome remains to be seen, but he doesn’t necessarily need that. Jerome basically needed that army to protect him, given that he was such a bull in a china shop. Jeremiah may buy his time better and operate within the shadows.

Obviously, it is much easier to write about the survival odds for Jeremiah knowing that the Joker survives for a good eternity in the Batman comic world. There are no clear plans for this part to be written out in the near future just because A) that would make no sense for the canon and B) it would anger the vast majority of the known world.

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