Should Hawaii Five-0 season 9 have Steve, Danny’s restaurant functional?

McGarrettThere’s nothing wrong with looking a little bit ahead on Hawaii Five-0is there?

Let’s kick off this article by sharing at least some of the good news — there is officially now a season 9 renewal in the books. To go along with that, reports are that both Alex O’Loughlin and Scott Caan are going to be coming back for new episodes. This means that there’s (at least) a little bit of relief that we can pass down, and also it opens the doors for a wide array of speculation on a number of different topics.

Take, for example, this: Whether or not Steve and Danny’s restaurant should be officially open by the time that the ninth season airs.

As of right now, this restaurant is in a fairly challenging place: We’ve seen Steve and Danny do everything that they can to try and get it off the round, only to run into a wide array of problems across the board. There have been issues in terms of getting the proper liquor license, having the building up to code, and then whatever it is that Vito did to the place. There’s also the issue as to whether or not Steve and Danny actually know how to operate the restaurant in the event that it does open. These two are dysfunctional as they come, but they know how to get things together when it comes to solving the case. That’s a little bit different than running a restaurant where you have customers who demand a certain degree of order and not so much chaos.

The story potentials with the restaurant opening, even despite the setbacks, may be too rich in order for the show to properly pass them up. For starters, there is the potential opportunity here to dive around and have fun with what the operation of the restaurant is like. How do Steve and Danny manage that with the job? Do they hire Kamekona to be the head chef, or get him to operate a food-truck version? Does Taylor Wily’s character view them as heavy competition? Beyond just that, what is the clientele like? Does Steve convince Tani and Junior to be on the wait staff on a slow night? With subplots you do often want ones that are personal and tied still to the characters, while also being fun. The restaurant is the perfect venue for some assorted hijinks given the fact that you’ve got these characters who are working there who are suddenly forced to go outside their element. The comedic possibilities are great, and this also does set the stage for if there is a series finale at some point down the road. Hopefully, we’re at least a couple of years away from that.

For now, let’s leave the question to you: Do you want to see Steve and Danny’s restaurant open in season 9? Share right now in the comments!

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