Timeless season 2 episode 6 sneak peek: Flynn, Lucy talk about Wyatt

Timeless season 2 key artIs Garcia Flynn spying on Lucy? That’s one of the subjects at the heart of Sunday night’s Timeless season 2 episode 6. The sneak peek below via Entertainment Tonight is a fascinating look at the relationship between Flynn and Lucy, largely in that it offers some more insight into where these characters stand with each other. It also brings back the book, which was a key plot point from season 1.

Ultimately, the things that matter the most about this preview upon reflection are that A) we’re seeing Lucy struggle mightily, even if she doesn’t want to admit it, with Jessica coming back and being with Wyatt, and B) Flynn still has a better sense of who she is rather than anyone else on the team. That knowledge definitely seems to bother Lucy, and it’s pretty darn clear at this point that she is not altogether impressed with the idea of Flynn knowing her better than he knows anyone else.

Is there something that is going on when it comes to Flynn and possible feelings? We think to label this a romance in some form would be almost trivializing it — there’s a lot more going on here than some sort of childhood crush. That’s what Goran Visnjic told us recently in a new interview; their relationship is really interesting and complex, and that is what makes this in turn such a joy to follow along.

As for what else is coming over the course of this episode, be prepared for “The King of the Delta Blues” to take you back to Mississippi and also to the time of Robert Johnson, one of the most interesting and also mysterious performers of all time. He became a Blues icon in a very short period of time and was also haunted at times with questions as to whether or not he made a deal with the devil in return for some of his talent. It’ll be interesting to see how much the series explores that.

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