MasterChef Junior season 6 episode 11: What is the golden apron?

What is the golden apron? That was a question that some may have wondered entering MasterChef Junior season 6 episode 11.

All around the world, we’ve seen the MasterChef franchise come up with some interesting twists — some of them are exciting whereas some other ones are hokey. This one falls somewhere in the middle to us. We love that the producers are thinking outside of the box and doing something that we haven’t seen. Yet, we don’t necessarily love the idea that the golden apron basically guarantees someone a spot in the semifinals. They don’t have to do anything for a little while and with that in mind, they can just chill. It could take them out of the game and beyond that, it may make us forget about them a little.

So who did end up getting the golden apron? It was Mikey! That’s fun given that we like him as a contender this season and beyond that, he chose to make one of the most daring creations so far this entire season: A chocolate hazelnut cheesecake. That’s no easy task for a short period of time, especially when you think for a minute about how little experience he has in the baking realm.

This episode was fun beyond this for a few different reasons. For starters, Avery ended up winning the Mystery Box Challenge, which enabled her safety — she could’ve competed for the apron but she chose to keep her safety instead. That’s a big decision for a contestants who is only eight years old to make.

As for the elimination itself…

There was a little bit of drama here given that Cade struggled with his beignets, which we’re starting to think are a MasterChef Junior curse since they never quite turn out the way in which the contestants expect them to. Meanwhile, we saw Evan struggle a little bit with his topping and Anthony couldn’t get the filling right on his pastry.

Ultimately, the two home cooks who left tonight were some other favorites in Anthony and Cade, who followed up Ariana in the shocking-elimination departments tonight. They both fought really hard to get the golden apron tonight, trying to do dishes that were extremely challenging in a very short period of time. That just didn’t work for them.

But hey, they went out taking a big risk. Shouldn’t that really matter? We like to think that it does.

CarterMatt Verdict

While the golden apron twist is somewhat questionable, we did love how creative the two challenges were and how it allowed the home cooks to be able to find their inner strength and passion.

What did you think about tonight’s MasterChef Junior season 6 episode 11 as a whole? Share right now in the comments below!

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