Where is Blue Bloods tonight on CBS? Reason for the delay

Blue Bloods season 8

Where is Blue Bloods tonight on CBS? We’re sure that there may be some out there asking that question, especially since we’re getting new episodes of both Hawaii Five-0 and also MacGyver on the night. As many out there may feel, some of the best nights of the week are the ones where these three shows air one right after the next.

So why isn’t that happening this time around? Well, blame the obsession with the Royal Family. CBS is airing tonight at 10:00 p.m. a special leading up to the latest Royal Wedding about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, a romance that will likely get a whole lot of airtime over the course of the next month. There are still three more episodes of Blue Bloods this season, and the clear intention on the part of CBS is to air those one week after another. This also means that they get to keep the show around for a good chunk of May sweeps, something that they clearly want when you think for a minute about how well Blue Bloods fares in the ratings.

Will the wait be worth it? We’re pretty darn confident that it will be just because this is a show that’s been on a pretty great run as of late. We’ve had a few surprising storylines and we’ve got a feeling that there are some more coming up. The best news at the moment is simply that Blue Bloods has already been renewed for a season 9 so that no matter what happens, you can have confidence that you will see the Reagan family again. It’s a Friday-night staple and the hiatus this week has nothing to do with its performance or anything else.

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(Photo: CBS.)

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