MacGyver season 2 episode 21 review: Shining a light on Puerto Rico

MacGyver season 2 episode 21There should be more attention on Puerto Rico. That’s something that, in our heart, is really at the core of MacGyver season 2 episode 21 on CBS Friday night. Months ago when Hurricane Maria hit, we did see the territory the subject of a great deal of attention; yet, in the months that followed said attention waned, and it really feels like there are still some out there who need reminded that Puerto Rico is America and that these people are Americans.

Kudos to the MacGyver team tonight on setting their episode there and doing their best to capture what the experience is for people living there. It’s a mixture of devastation and hope for a better tomorrow.

At the start of this episode there was hope in the form of Mac, Jack, Riley, and Bozer all working together in order to help Mac’s old friend Carlos rebuild after the hurricane. However, things quickly turned south when Carlos disappeared the next morning and it just so turned out that, he plus many other hostages, were trapped inside of a bank while some robbers were hoping to take millions of dollars that were meant to help some of the people of the territory. MacGyver, desperate to help his friend and knowing that he was short on time (Matty had another mission for him and the team to take on), decided that he is going to infiltrate the bank in order to help save everyone within. As you would imagine, this was difficult.

What was also very interesting about this particular hostage situation is that we saw these particular criminals be rather unpredictable. In the closing minutes the robbers took Mac and the rest of the money to a boat, hoping to use that as a way to escape. Luckily, Matty was also able to figure that out and with that in mind, Jack and the rest of the Phoenix Foundation was able to find him. Interestingly, enough, it was actually the damage from the Hurricane — and his knowledge of some of the power lines — that Mac was able to use to stall the robbers and secure his safety. He didn’t have much time for celebration but, in the end, he didn’t need it.

CarterMatt Verdict

MacGyver season 2 episode 21 proved to be one of the most intense episodes of the season by the end of it, but we don’t actually think that’s why it matters. Instead, this was more about honoring Puerto Rico, its people, and reminding everyone of the crisis that is still going on. The writers did not know at the time of putting this together that there would be another power outage, but this story and this cause feel more relevant than ever.

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