Big Brother Canada 6 interview: Ryan Ballantine blames himself for his eviction

Ryan BallantineRyan Ballantine was announced as the first member of the jury on Big Brother Canada Thursday night and his eviction came about as a result of many weeks on the block. Yet, there was a time in which it still looked like he’d be safe! A vote flip orchestrated in part by Johnny saved his hide, while in turn dooming Ryan in the process.

Below, you can see some of what Ryan told us about his time in the house, his game, and who he wanted to take to the end if given an opportunity. (As Ryan is in the jury, we cannot ask him anything that would compromise the integrity of the game.)

CarterMatt – After some reflection, how are you feeling about your eviction from the game?

Ryan – I felt like it was just a matter of time. When you are on the block for four straight eviction cycles, I came to grips with it a week ago. I made my peace with the idea that I was leaving the game and Canada kept me in for seven more days. I feel good. I feel like when I walk around and have conversations now nobody is intentionally lying to my face. That is a refreshing feeling.

How different was being in the house from what you expected going in?

Anybody who hasn’t played this game has zero idea what it is to actually play this game. It is so much more than what I expected. The [Mike] Tyson quote of “everyone’s got a plan until they get punched in the [mouth]” … Big Brother punches you a lot. Having to roll with that and move with that was always a challenge. It was far more difficult than I expected it to be.

How did it feel to be saved from eviction last week?

I think you saw! I ran from the couch like it was on fire. I was celebrating and I was all over the place. I couldn’t believe my good fortune. When the country responds to you that is such a remarkable feeling and it’s hard to really quantify it and put it into words.

What do you think about it being a unanimous vote to evict you?

That’s what I wanted! This house has a crazy sympathy-vote kick where they want to give everyone a vote on their way out to make them feel good about themselves and that at least one person wanted them to stay. That’s garbage. If you want me gone, evict me unanimously. That makes me feel better as a player because for that moment, nobody in the house thought that I wasn’t more threatening than Johnny. If you think that I’m not more threatening than Johnny, you have made an astronomical error.

How difficult was it for your game to be on the block so often as of late?

The problem with being on the block as often as I was in a row is that the pitch never really could change. I tried to play a game where I was not necessarily talking about my opponent and their negatives; I only talked about myself and my positives when I was campaigning. In that case, I’d made the same campaign case over and over and over again. It’s not changing from week to week to week. Eventually I just think everybody got tired of hearing it so they can get a new campaign speech next week.

Who do you blame the most for your eviction and why?

Myself. If I played the game better, I never would’ve been in that position.

What’s the one move you wish you would’ve done differently?

There’s never one move. I think I put far too much trust in far too many people and believed people when they talked to me. That’s something I shouldn’t have done, but it’s not a trait I regret having, either. It’s not something that, in the real world, is a detriment to you.

If you stayed and won Head of Household, what would your plan have been?

Derek and Kaela. No question. Nothing but Derek and Kaela.

Who did you want to go to the final two with and why?

I wanted to take Paras. I think she’s the best person left in the house from a human being standpoint. I would’ve taken her to the end because that kid’s an absolute sweetheart. If I could’ve done that to make her life better I would have, without question.

Overall, what would you say about your Big Brother Canada experience?

As long as my wife says I can do it, I will come back and do it every season until I win. This game is rough and it’s tough, but I wouldn’t have traded this for anything.

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