Survivor: Ghost Island interview: Libby Vincek on Tribal Council, Michael’s idol play

Libby VincekLibby Vincek is the latest person voted off on Survivor: Ghost Island and we’ll be honest: For much of the season, we thought there was a legitimate chance she could be the winner. She had the edit of someone with a great social game and an ability to really put other people at ease; even when her name was written down many times, she found a way to stick around.

The irony here is that even on Wednesday’s episode, she would have survived were it not for Michael playing his idol. She’s the sort of player who has potential if she ever gets a chance to return, as she showed some ability but was just on the outside of the numbers for most of the game.

In this week’s exit interview (conducted over email) Libby talks being voted out, some of the plans at camp, and the experience of being a part of the gross-food competition that is a Survivor staple.

CarterMatt – You survived many close calls even before this Tribal Council. Is it a source of pride or frustration for you that you would’ve survived this one were it not for an idol? 

Libby – It’s frustrating and a source of pride for when you come home from a tribal and you see your name. If I would’ve survived that one, I believe I would’ve come home to a really awkward bed, but would have found a way to move on and see what the next move would be.

What were you trying to do to break up the Naviti tribe leading up to Tribal Council? Was there any way to do that?

We were really trying to break up the Naviti girls. The only thing I knew for sure was Naviti girls didn’t like me and wanted me out. There was nothing I could really do about that. I tried to work with them and see what my options would be, but they stood strong. Chelsea was some sort of hope; however, it was really just a ploy to get me to talk. But at the end of the day there was nothing I could really do about not getting my name brought up.

You voted for Michael; with that, did you think it was either him or you and there was no hope of getting rid of Wendell?

Camp life that day was insanity, talks of idols, fake idols, alliances, just every kind of strategy was being brought up–confusing the heck out of everyone. I knew that if I had voted Michael there was a slight chance of saving myself with the others who were splitting the vote. Michael had a great plan we just didn’t have enough time to gather the for sure numbers to execute. So, when Michael pulled out that idol my heart dropped to the bottom of the ocean. I knew I was a goner.

Can you try to describe what it’s like going through a Survivor gross food competition?

I was really excited! They aren’t going to give us something that could kill us. I was trying to channel my inner Timon and Pumba and just say Hakuna Matata. Unfortunately eye-balls are a bit more complicated to get down then one may think.

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