Survivor: Ghost Island episode 9 highlights: Idol talk; rise of the stick

Domenick - Survivor: Ghost Island episode 9

Is it possible that one person could have too much power? In the early moments on Survivor: Ghost Island episode 9, we got a chance to see that question pondered courtesy of Laurel. She pondered this the moment that she learned that Wendell and Domenick both had immunity idols, which we don’t blame Wendell for admitting since he though that it would bond them further. His intention was right!

Yet, this still wasn’t the biggest game move in the first half of this episode. That was, instead, getting to see Angela deciding to be some sort of top-secret military operative, throwing Michael under the bus and getting people going after him rather than Wendell/Dom entering the immunity challenge. (There is some irony in Angela winning immunity over Angela for this very reason.)

Best Move of the Week – We would give some of the credit at the moment to Laurel just from the standpoint of listening. She made a great move in making Wendell comfortable enough to be on board, and then after that making the original Malolo tribe also excited to work with her. She’s keeping her options open without looking shifty, which is what any player of this game should want to do.

Worst Move of the Week – Despite Wendell’s good intentions, we do still have to think that it’s him telling Laurel about the idol and assuming that she has no tie to Malolo anymore. Wendell needed to assess where some of the Naviti tribe loyalty is, and in turn, how that could make the original Malolo members stick together.

Funniest Moment of the Week – Here’s a note for Angela — nobody wants to kiss someone who just ate a ton of food in a gross food challenge! This was a simple moment in the episode but one that provided us plenty of laughs.

Standout Player – It’s gotta be Angela, mostly because of the fact that going into this episode, we didn’t really have a chance to see her all that much as this big a character! Even if she was going far too hard, this was still very much entertaining to watch. Also, did anyone else see Angela dancing while finishing off her meal?

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Elimination – Things got interesting the moment that it was suggested that Laurel and Donathan team up with Maviti to split the vote on Libby and Michael. They had a choice to either go this route or try and blindside the likes of Wendell and Domenick. The target was apparently Wendell due to its status as a challenge threat.

Tonight’s tribal council couldn’t match what we saw last week, but there was a lot of intrigue with idols in play. There weren’t too many indications as to where people were going to vote. Then, MICHAEL PLAYED THE STICK IDOL. He was safe from going home. Ultimately, though, it was a pretty non-eventful ending. Wendell wasn’t sent home; instead, Libby Vincek was. She just wanted to fit in!

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