Blue Bloods season 8 spoilers: Is something coming for Jamie, Eddie by finale?

Blue Bloods season 8

We know that there are many people out there rooting for something more to happen with Jamie and Eddie on Blue Bloods and rest assured, we’re right there in that same group! It’s been a long journey for these two but it finally seems like we are at the moment when they can’t walk anything back and make the relationship what it once was.

Of course, we say that right now, but it feels wrong to get anyone’s hopes up too much. We’ve felt in the past like the relationship was past the point of no return and even still, the writers found a way to put the two characters in reverse to the point where we were left to wonder if anything was going to happen at all.

Well, here’s the good news: It does seem as though there is some movement coming for the two characters by the end of the season. According to Entertainment Weekly, there will be a series of events that happen during May sweeps that force the two to confront their relationship — whether that is as just partners or as a couple remains to be seen, but at this point it’s pretty darn clear that there are feelings between the two that cannot be ignored. They’ve been through a lot together and really, it seems as though the only thing that has held them back is the fact that they work together and a relationship could complicate things.

At a certain point, though, you do have to wonder if something could happen that could change that. For example, we know that Jamie is taking his Sergeant’s exam soon; if he gets promoted, would that mean in turn a chance to move things along with Eddie? Or, would that create a new string of problems when it comes to him dating a cop who is of a different rank? There are always problems that are going to be there with this relationship just because of who the characters are and who they work for. Ultimately, the thing that they have to figure out is whether or not being together is worth all of the risks and personally, we do very much think that it is for them.

What do you think should be coming up for Jamie and Eddie on Blue Bloods moving forward this season? Share below!

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