The Flash season 4: Is Ralph Dibny gone for good?

Flash season 4 episode 14Earlier this week on The Flash season 4, we received what could be constituted (sort of) as a death for one of the show’s major new characters — after all, Clifford DeVoe chose to overtake the body of Ralph Dibny, meaning that in theory the Elongated Man as we knew him is gone for good.

We’ve already seen the reactions to this departure be mixed. Dibny was a flawed and polarizing character, mostly because of his treatment of some of the show’s female characters in the early going and the rise-and-repeat cycle of some of his stories where he would question either himself or the team, only to them later be the hero we knew he could be. It just felt at times at the start of each episode that he would revert back so that there could be more personal growth later. The character did show some potential at various moments and we do think that he could’ve evolved into someone very similar to the comic-book counterpart; the issue here is that often we remember characters from where they started and with that, Dibny was always going to be an issue for some fans.

Now, we are of course left to wonder whether or not we’ve made it to the end of the road with this character. Are we really done when it comes to Ralph? While it doesn’t seem as though we’ll be seeing him anytime soon, the reality remains here that technically, Dibny’s body is still alive and being used. Meanwhile, back when this character was being cast there was potential for them to stick around to be a part of season 5. It is possible that this has changed somewhere along the way, or that this represented the show keeping some of its options open since it didn’t necessarily know where it wanted to go at the time.

We wouldn’t be shocked if the writers found a way to keep the real Ralph around, mostly because this season has become rather dark when you think about all of the metas DeVoe has killed and the amount of time that was spent on Ralph this season. (The character basically bumped Wally West over to Legends of Tomorrow.)

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