Scandal season 8 revival: Why it won’t happen (and why it shouldn’t)

Scandal season 8Leading into tonight’s series finale, it’s probably best to go ahead and block the idea of a Scandal season 8 from your brain. While it may be fairly tantalizing to think about, unfortunately there are also very few signs that it is actually going to happen.

For starters, consider what show creator Shonda Rhimes had to say within a recent interview on the subject — she thinks that the series is done with the finale. That should really end the discussion but we’re sure that it won’t. While there may be many people out there satisfied with the end of the journey tonight, maybe in a year or two that could change. Distance makes the heart grow fonder, and we’ve certainly seen as of late some other shows including Roseanne and Will & Grace return even after their finales wrote pretty definitive ends to their stories. The same thing could, in theory, happen with Scandal.

As for whether or not it should, though, that’s something that viewers also need to consider. Scandal was very much a product of its era when it first came on the air over on ABC — it rose to popularity because of social media, twists and turns, and the current state of United States politics. It’s also fronted by great performances from the likes of Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn, who shine in every scene that they’re in. It’s done extremely well and it leaves behind a great legacy.

Yet, sometimes you just have to leave well enough alone and just allow a show to have a graceful walk into the sunset. For Scandal right now it feels very much like we are now at that time where it’s best to just let it end and move on to the next thing. We’re in an era at this point where there will be other Gladiators somewhere else. They just won’t be called that. They may not be the same, but they’ll be excellent in their own right. Life is about evolution and change; nostalgia is great, but you also cannot let it overtake you. We’re excited to see whatever else Rhimes and her team bring to the table, just as we are excited to see whatever products the cast tackle next.

There’s no need for a Scandal season 8 — it’s time to look ahead and we’re more than excited to see what the next chapter is going to look like for many of the assorted characters on the series.

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