Gotham season 4 episode 19 spoilers: The difference between Jeremiah, Jerome

Jeremiah - Gotham season 4 episode 19On Thursday night’s Gotham season 4 episode 19, there are going to be many different things to be excited about — yet, few will carry with them the impact of Jeremiah’s transformation into the Joker. We saw this happen in the closing minutes; even though Jerome is seemingly now gone, he has left for his brother a “gift” that will bring out his most psychotic of tendencies. This is someone who never wanted to be this way and yet, he now is.

With all of this being said, don’t just assume that Jeremiah is going to arrive onto the scene in Gotham and try to inflict chaos in a way that is identical to his brother. These are two different characters and with that, they have different ways in which they operate. This is something that executive producer Danny Cannon confirms further in telling the following to

“Well, I think the difference between them, there was something nihilistic about Jerome … There’s something nihilistic about Jerome, and chaotic. The idea of bringing chaos to the world and destroying things, and I think the difference with Jeremiah is, he’s a brilliant mind. He’s an engineer by nature, he’s rational, he’s calculated. He still has the same psychotic tendencies now as his brother. Therefore, you have a more lethal, terrifying villain who is going to be a lot smarter than his brother was, and is going to be more calculating.”

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Obviously, it’s pretty darn clear that the Joker is going to be an enormous threat for the immediate future because he’s going to cause chaos while also being restrained in how he does it. With that way in which Jerome acted, it was pretty clear that there was going to be a moment in which he went beyond the pale. He couldn’t help himself from being killed. Jeremiah, meanwhile, is a character who ends up being a huge part of the story in the comics given that the Joker is one of Batman’s greatest foes. Now that we know his backstory, it’s almost rather heartbreaking that he ends up being this way.

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