Survivor: Ghost Island episode 10: Chaos and extreme paranoia

Survivor: Ghost Island castMoving into Survivor: Ghost Island episode 10, there are of course many questions to wonder. One of the big ones was this: Was there a way for the Malolo tribe to actually move forward and have a chance in the game again? With Libby’s exit, things were slanted even more in the favor of Naviti. To make matters worse, Michael no longer has his immunity idol (though he needed to in order to stay alive). Wendell and Domenick still have theirs, so we’re entering a pretty interesting spot in the game.

During the preview for episode 10 that aired following tonight’s episode, we saw a little bit of paranoia start to escalate. Apparently, Des has made it clear that she wants to split up Naviti; with that in mind, Laurel is going to hand that information over to other people and cause even more chaos. There will be more distrust than ever as some of the Naviti may feel a little more comfortable to turn on each other.

If the remaining Malolo have a hope, it’s that there are some good players left. Michael has shown himself to be dangerous and Laurel is a solid strategic and physical player. Meanwhile, there is still some dead weight on Naviti. That’s actually probably the thing that is hurting Michael and company more than anything else — there seem to be some people in the Naviti group who aren’t too eager to make moves. That gives more powerful to the dominant forces leading the way, and that includes Domenick, Kellyn, and Wendell. Kellyn may still be the most dangerous person because she’s powerful without actually holding much more in terms of idols.

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