Bosch season 4 episode 3 review: What is Eleanor Wish hiding from Maddie?

Eleanor Wish BoschJumping into episode 3 of Bosch season 4 we are really getting worried for Eleanor Wish. She’s claiming that she doesn’t know where Reggie is, her relationship with Maddie is strained because she is keeping too many secrets from her and now she’s witnessed some sort of crime going down at a private poker game. She’s working with the FBI again (as an asset, not an agent) and we know that she can more than handle herself, but as Maddie has said in the past – when too many things go side ways for Eleanor she spirals a bit and the communication comes to a halt.

Eleanor’s many secrets

With everything going on in her life right now the one thing she’s feeling positive about is the case she’s working on with the FBI. She’s forgotten the rush she gets when the case starts to come together and after getting some of the suspects on camera she’s riding high – that is until she sees a car tailing her. She brings the video to the FBI and while they don’t like the risk she took to get that video they are happy to have a solid lead. As for the car that was following her – it was just the FBI in case she got into trouble. The good news is that they’ve been so happy with Eleanor’s work that they are going to have her re-instated, the bad news is that they no longer need her for this case. With this being Eleanor, we suspect that she’s not really able to let this go and is going to want to get more information for them.

We also got an update on Reggie! Maddie finally got some skype time with him and he told her that his passport had been revoked (he’s in China), that he was safe and trying to resolved the situation. The words “passport revoked” and “he’s safe” have Maddie really worried and we are too! What’s going on and he’s safe from what exactly? He tells Maddie to talk with her mom for more information, but we already have seen how that’s been playing out – a big goose egg. Eleanor is waist high in secrets right now.

Jerry’s back to work

He’s been getting stronger every day, and we are hoping to see Jerry and Bosch working as partners again very soon. We are really missing their relationship and we know it’s still strained from last season when Bosch messed up with that comment about the Cadillac at Gunn’s apartment, but we feel like they can work through that – they’ve worked through a lot worse. We have also seen Jerry growing closer to his ex-wife again, but in this episode she’s starting to pull back a bit (not a lot, just a bit). Is it because Jerry is going back to work? We know that’s been a real thorn in their relationship and now that he’s been asked to join the Elias task force we aren’t sure what’s going to happen to them. What we are happy about is that this might mean more of Jerry and Bosch getting the band back together!

Bosch’s lead

The jury consultant that Elias was having an affair with seems to be cleared through Elias’ wife when she states that she knew about the affair and that this woman liked him too much to kill him. She tries to lead Bosch away from her son Martin and instead towards a cop named Terry Drake (one of the officers involved in what happened with Harris) who not only had a few run ins with Elias, but we also saw snooping around through evidence tied to this murder case. Bosch doesn’t listen to her and talks to Martin anyway (did she really think he was going to let that go?). After he first blew Bosch off with a phony story Martin decides to go in to the station and tell the truth – he was selling fake drugs to some sorority girls and because of his prior issues with the law he didn’t want to go down for this too. While he seems like he might have motive to want to kill his dead, something in our gut tells us that it’s not him.

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CarterMatt Verdict

This episode really helped to set up more of the Bosch and Walker end game! Walker made mention of the “cold case” Bosch is working on to Irving and Bosch was pleased to hear that he’s getting into Walker’s head. We love how complicated and layered this story is getting and we are very interested to see how it shakes out at the end, especially for someone like Irving who is definitely going to be caught right in the middle of it.

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