Chicago Med season 3: why is Dr. Natalie Manning a hero?

Natalie ManningIn the next edition of our TV Heroes article series, we want to talk about Chicago Med‘s Dr. Natalie Manning. She’s a pediatrician from Seattle who is doing a fellowship in emergency medicine who we came to know and love after we learned she’s a widow. Her husband died shortly before she gave birth to their son, Owen, and ever since Owen was born she has taken on two roles. One as a doctor and the other as a mother. She’s someone we can relate to and someone we have come to want the best for. But why?

Natalie has shown a strength that many of us cannot even imagine. When she lost her husband she had to deliver their son on her own and them raise him as a single mom. That requires strength and determination. She never gave up. She was at her lowest point when we first met her, but overcame the struggle when she asked for help. Asking for help is something that we all struggle with because some think it means we are weak or we are incapable. But Natalie took that step and that’s something we all can learn from.

Natalie also puts her patients’ needs ahead of her own. Like another hero of ours, Nurse Nic Nevin from The Resident, she cares for them and is always determined to not give up on them. In one episode, a husband and wife came in to the ER and when Natalie discovered a malignant tumor and had only months to live, Natalie made a call to a fellow doctor for an alternate treatment. There were risks involved but both the husband and wife wanted to take the risk. However, the husband died, leaving Natalie to think that it was a result of her actions. During the autopsy, it was discovered that Natalie’s treatment actually shrunk the tumor and that it was a heart condition that killed him. Despite the patient dying and having a malignant tumor, she had hope that there was another way. When someone bring hope into your lives, we feel overjoyed and relaxed and not very many people can do that.

Natalie is a doctor who doesn’t care what the consequences for her will be, but only cares to give the best care possible. She’s a doctor we wish all doctors would be. She’s a hero for who she is and the simple things she does that aren’t always in the spotlight during an episode, but are briefly mentioned. She kind nature and her morals are at the heart of what makes her worthy to be named a hero.

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This article was written by Samantha D’Amico. If you want to follow her on Twitter, you can do so at SAM_iamXO. (Photo: NBC.)

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