The Resident: Why Nurse Nic is one of television’s greatest heroes

Emily VanCampAs many of us know, many heroes don’t wear a cape. Some wear everyday clothes, others wear doctors’ coats, and some wear scrubs. In Fox’s freshmen medical drama, The Residentone character currently shines like no other. This character is Nurse Nicolette “Nic” Nevin. She’s a nurse practitioner at the hospital and as previewed in promos is about to face the toughest road because she fights for what is right.

So why is Nic a hero, and worthy of a spotlight in this TV Heroes series? During the first few episodes, the writers hinted to the audience that, Dr. Lane Hunter, one of the hospital’s doctors may have the reputation of a miracle worker, but in reality she is killing her patients. Nic was the first to start putting the pieces together and it became clearer when one of the frequent cancer patients, Lily Kendall, started to experience side effects one should not from chemotherapy. However, Lily only got worse and turned up in the hospital more than she should. Nic immediately told senior resident Dr. Conrad Hawkins, who didn’t believe her at first. However, during one of Lily’s last visits Conrad realized Nic was right.

What makes her so great is that she was fighting for Lily and the rest of the patients without carrying about her job. She wasn’t thinking about the consequences; all she cared about was the patients. When Dr. Hunter found out Nic was snooping around, she took Nic off all her cases. This didn’t stop her though. She kept pushing. Conrad enlisted Devon to help and the two of them followed Nic’s orders. Things took a turn however for the worse when Lily came into the hospital after a chemotherapy treatment and was having strange side effects. Conrad and Devon were brought on to the case, along with, surprisingly, Nic. When Dr. Hunter allowed Nic to return to her service we had a feeling something would go wrong, and we also think Nic did too.

We have a feeling that she knew Dr. Hunter wanted to put blame on her, but Nic was determined to save Lily before Dr. Hunter could make her move. However, Dr. Hunter added a lethal dose of a medication right after Nic had given her the correct amount. From the promos we briefly see Nic in jail later this season, having been accused of killing Lily.

Nic is a martyr. She knows she has to go through this ordeal for the truth to be exposed, but she will do it because she cares. And that everyone is a true hero. She is putting them ahead of herself and however this ends, we want Nic to know we stand with her.

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This article was written by Samantha D’Amico. If you want to follow her on Twitter, you can do so at SAM_iamXO. (Photo: Fox.)

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