Bosch season 4 episode 2 review: Jerry Edgar and the case of the missing chair

Jerry Edgar season 4Bosch is on a new case and so far we are all in on it. Howard Elias (a civil rights attorney who is regularly representing people who are suing cops) was murdered two days before going to trial on a big case and with so many enemies on the police force it’s hard to pinpoint a suspect. It was staged to look like a robbery, but it’s a pretty weak setup. Let’s see what episode 2 has in store for us.

Bosch gets to work

For the moment Bosch is still focused on seeing if Elias turning down that sizable settlement and pushing through to trial for his client Michael Harris is the reason he got killed in the first place. Speaking of Harris, he’s been missing for a week as Elias stashed him somewhere safe so nothing would happen to him before the trial. Bosch talks to him and learns his story: Harris was accused by a few cops of kidnapping a young girl and when he denied the accusation the cops tortured him. After putting a plastic bag over his head and a pencil in his ear he admitted to taking the little girl, but not because he took her – because he couldn’t take the torture any more. He tell the police that the body is about two hours away praying that he can come up with a way to escape this in that time. While they are driving the call comes in that the girls body has been found elsewhere and that it had been dumped by her own dad. Elias thought that Harris had a solid case against the cops that did this with him as a key witness, so the settlement was not going to cut it – he wanted this type of behavior exposed to the public and he thought that the money was way too low for what he went through.

Elias’ wife revealed that they had an apartment in town that he would usually stay at right before a big trial and there was one very interesting clue that came up when Bosch searched the apartment – condoms. Turns out that Elias was having an affair with a woman he worked with. This might open the door to other possible suspects outside of the entire police department since who ever killed Elias made the killing pretty personal. This woman is married herself (does the husband know about the affair?) and Elias’ son (Martin) had recently found out about the affair. Needless to say Martin was incredibly angry about the whole thing, sending vicious emails and calling his father a hypocrite, but this wasn’t the only thing Martin was angry about. Normally when Martin gets in trouble with the law his father would help him, but on this last issue he let Martin feel the sting, hoping that it would straighten him out a bit. He’s starting to feel good as a potential suspect, but it’s so early in the season that we would be surprised if it’s all this easy.

Amy Synder snaps back

We learned a bit more about Amy in this episode when she finally decided to tell Bosch off for treating her like the enemy. The reason she took the opportunity to work with him in the first place is because she thinks that despite some of his blurred lines when it comes to police work she knows he’s a good detective. She wants to get out of her job and make detective herself and thought that she could learn a few things from Bosch, but with him being so closed off to her, she’s getting frustrated. Seems like telling him off made his icy exterior melt a little bit towards her as he’s now not completely shutting her out and is throwing a bit of detective work her way instead of her either just sitting in the car or fetching coffees.

A game of cat and mouse

Although Bosch has Walker as the number one suspect on his “who killed his mother” list he still hasn’t moved on him yet. It’s not too surprising since Walker is the president of the police commission and if Bosch is going to take him down he needs an air tight case against him. That being said the conversation between these two men was easily the highlight of this episode! Walker let it be known that he is aware of Bosch digging into his mother’s case again and Bosch lightly hinted that he might be on to Walker. These are both powerful men in their own rights and neither will stop to get what they want out of this. As much as we are enjoying the Elias case, this is the case we are all in on.

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CarterMatt Verdict

We still don’t have Jerry and Bosch working together yet, but seeing Jerry back in the office made us smile, especially with his very serious investigation into who stole his comfy desk chair (spoiler alert it was Crate!). Also we have to say that watching Bosch this season is making us crave In n Out burger like a crazy person and with there being one just down the street, we may have to dive into episode three with some animal style fries and a protein style double, double. Last but not least we can’t leave this review without saying that we are incredibly worried about whatever mess Eleanor Wish has gotten herself into with this poker game gone wrong.

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