Big Brother Canada 6 live feed spoilers: About last night… (day 46)

Big Brother Canada 6 premiereWe’re back with another Big Brother Canada 6 morning update and with that, we’re also back to ponder over some more questions. One of the biggest ones at the moment is this: How much do we vocalize some of our frustrations with the powers-that-be over some of their questionable live-feed practices?

We love Big Brother Canada and in terms of both the challenge and house design, they may actually be better than the US counterpart. Yet, when it comes to getting good house drama it’s almost the opposite. The feed blocks are numerous, including an enormous one that happened last night where the houseguests apparently got to drink and let loose. We’ve already been somewhat of a broken record with this, but ultimately any arguments are moot. At least ever since moving to Global from Slice this is the Big Brother Canada show that the producers have wanted to make and promote. If you are going into it expecting anything different, you have to prepare to be disappointed. It’s an entertainment show and there are no promises that you are going to get good feeds every second of the day. When the feeds are dull (which they’ve often been as of late), you just have to accept that and try to move forward.

In doing that, what we’re getting in the house this morning is even more debating about the vote — which, at least for now, seems to be going in Ryan’s favor. Johnny is leaving the game presumably due to his threat status; plus, Ryan has made it clear that he is targeting Kaela and Derek if he stays.

What we find perhaps the most humorous at the moment is all of the talk about a triple eviction this season even if we’re not quite sure that one is going to happen. Given that there’s been an eviction every week and no buy-backs, plus a double eviction earlier on, there could just be another double and that’s it. We do find it interesting that Paras would nominate Daela if there is a triple and she has power, proving largely that she does recognize that there is a time when she needs to get them out. Her big problem right now, as Daela has pointed out, is that there’s an awareness she is just the sort of player to hop from one alliance to the next. That’s her strategy this season and to date, it’s worked for her.

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