Bosch season 4 premiere review: Bosch works a new case, Jerry on the mend

Bosch season 4It’s been a while since we’ve had new episodes of Bosch but season 4 has landed and after the cliffhanger from last season we have been dying to know if Bosch is going to land the killer of his mother. After Caffrey was killed in a fire, Bosch received enough of a trail leading to Walker (the president of the police commission!), but because of his high position Bosch is going to have a very hard road ahead of him getting enough evidence to get any kind of justice for his mother. So where are we now after a 3 month time jump?

Bosch at home

Bosch’s personal life is still pretty much the same. We saw at the end of season 3 that Maddie wanted to live with him permanently and that’s where we are with his family. Reggie is still missing in action and every time Maddie tries to get him on skype he either doesn’t answer or someone picks up then hangs up on her. What’s going on with him? We haven’t seen a lot of Reggie over the years, but what we have seen of him we wouldn’t expect him to cut Maddie out of his life – even if he and Eleanor split. Speaking of Eleanor, we expected her to be back working with the FBI by now, and she seems to be in some capacity. She’s still playing cards, but this time it looks like she’s doing it to get close to a mark for the FBI. She is also looking for Reggie and even her FBI contacts can’t find him. Things are not looking good for poor Reggie.

Jerry’s progress

He is still on leave after his shooting, but he’s getting better every day… so much better in fact that he’s struck up something again with his ex-wife! Does this mean they are back together? Not officially, but things seem to be moving in a positive direction for them. He’s going to be headed back to work, but he’ll be on light duty, mostly riding a desk. We will take anything at this point to see him and Bosch working together again in any capacity. Their relationship and banter is easily the main reason we are so heavily invested in this show.

What kind of case are we looking at this time?

The case we are looking at involves the death of Howard Elias – a civil rights attorney who built his career on clients that wanted to sue the Los Angeles police department, so needless to say he’s created a lot of enemies especially with the police. Bosch is one of the few detectives that were never a part of any of Elias’ cases (which is kind of ironic since Bosch is always in court over something) so he’s brought in to work the case since he will be more impartial than most. Elias’ murder came a few days before a big trial representing a man named Michael Harris and the same day that he turned down a huge settlement. Bosch’s first inkling is that this might’ve been a cop that killed him since he has too many enemies in the police department to count, but add to that that the gun that killed him was a common gun used by police and it’s starting to seem even more likely. The way he was shot also leaves Bosch to suspect that whoever did this knew Elias personally and that this staged “robbery” is nothing he’s buying into.

With Jerry still sidelined Bosch is stuck working with Amy Snyder. They have a bit of a strained past as she had to investigate some of his dealings and he ended up getting them resolved of the because of some help from the higher ups. Their relationship is still very much strained, but we could see this possibly flipping at some time during the season into something romantic. There’s some chemistry here and Bosch has a habit of getting involved with someone he really shouldn’t be involved with. Can’t he just get back together with Eleanor and make us happy?

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CarterMatt Verdict

The season 4 premiere of Bosch delivered exactly how we hoped that it would with our cast is back together working on a juicy new case. We won’t lie – we are missing Bosch and Jerry working together since their chemistry and banter is one of the things we love about this show the most, but hopefully with Jerry at least getting back to the office we will see more of that in the rest of the season. Also, in true Bosch fashion, some of the storylines from last season are still going strong as we saw the KTK (Korea Town Killer) still on the lose, causing chaos and robbing people.

What did you think of the Bosch season 4 premiere and do you like the set up of the story for this season? Leave us a comment in the box below with your thoughts.

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