Scorpion season 4 finale review: Who left the team?

The Scorpion season 4 finale was an episode that brought you many different things — and in a number of different forms.

From the standpoint of a case, we saw Team Scorpion forced to take on a minefield — in this case, a literal minefield. In order to save the lives of many villagers in Africa the team had to navigate this situation — and also some of the emotional trouble that they’ve all found themselves in as of late.

Many of the problems for the team first began back at the Garage, mostly because of the lie that Walter is still holding in his heart about Florence from earlier in the season. The longer that he held onto this lie, the more it appeared as though we were going to be seeing the team completely collapse. Walter almost died while suffocating in sand, and in the aftermath of this the character realized that he did need to come clean about his secret … or at least part of it. He admitted to Paige that he went to the lecture without her, but she took that as a positive sign since he told a white lie so she wouldn’t feel sad.

Yet, he didn’t tell her the part about Florence. That was still dangling over his head.

After the team was (understandably) wrapped up with the mission itself, we then arrived at the next order of business — trying to determine how to deal with the personal aftermath and, with that, also the future of the team. With Happy and Toby, the two parties were struggling to start a family still and, at the end of the episode, she made a decision that she wanted to adopt so that she could give someone a family that she never had. This was an emotional decision for her to make but we love it. Her dream with Toby was to start a family and, thanks to her suggestion, they are going to have a chance to make that dream come true.

Meanwhile, Sylvester did his best in order to successfully win over Florence. Meanwhile, Walter was forced to admit to going to the lecture with Florence. Basically, Paige referred to it as a “cranial affair” and finding out the truth by accident was a heartbreaking reveal for her. After she made it clear to him that she wasn’t fulfilling his needs, she then told him that he also wasn’t fulfilling her own needs.

Following all of this, Paige decided that she was done — not just with Walter, but also with the team. However, the problem here is that Florence actually had developed feelings for Walter, which was sad both for him and Sylvester both. They were one-sided feelings but feelings nonetheless. Sylvester is also apparently done with the team, and that’s your cliffhanger.

CarterMatt Verdict

The Scorpion mission here and there was fun, especially since so much of it kicked off because of Sylvester’s relationship with his pen pal.

Unfortunately, as fun as the mission was, the aftermath was pretty heartbreaking. How can this be the end of the road? We really need a season 5 after this.

What did you think about the Scorpion season 4 finale as a whole? Share some of your thoughts right now in the comments!

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