Lucifer season 3: Lauren German tees up Chloe’s conflict with Lucifer

Chloe DeckerLucifer season 3 returns on Monday night to kick off its final batch of episodes, and with that in mind, there is absolutely quite a bit to look forward to with a number of different characters.

For example, could we actually have a chance coming up to see some movement when it comes to the Lucifer – Chloe storyline at the heart of this season? That’s something that we are certainly welcoming, given that these characters have been through so much already and it seems like we finally could be on the cusp of seeing Lucifer start to realize that the current way of doing things does not work. If he wants to shake things up, we are basically at the time in which he needs to come clean about who he is or, specifically, why Marcus. Otherwise, it just manifests in the form of jealousy and some other things that Chloe can’t quite understand and these are things that effectively get him nowhere.

Speaking more on this subject in a new interview with TVLine, Lauren German has the following to say on the subject of where things stand between Lucifer and Chloe — at least in their current position:

Lucifer gets jealous, basically, of seeing Chloe fall for Pierce and also being wary of Pierce, so he tries to almost woo Chloe — but it seem almost out of jealousy and trying to prove himself. She realizes that [he] has never wanted to “go there” with Chloe, meaning be in a relationship, and she maybe hasn’t either. But we got the idea that if Lucifer came to her and said, “I want to be with you,” Chloe would, but he’s just not putting it out there. So she really lays into him, like, “Look, why are you fighting me on this? This is the first time since Dan and I got divorced I have met someone. Why can’t you just be happy for me?”

Obviously, Lucifer’s got a pretty-good reason, but is this going to be enough for him to want to speak his mind on it? This is something to be excited and/or hopeful about as we dive further into this season.

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