Big Brother Canada 6 live feed spoilers: The latest of many debates

Paras AtashnakWe have a feeling that over the next three or so days, there are going to be many different debates within the Big Brother Canada house on the subject of the eviction. Who do you send home: Johnny, the more threatening of the nominees, or the guy in Ryan who has little chance to win but could make it pretty far in the game?

At first, it felt like the clear-cut target for this week was Johnny. He was who Derek and Kaela wanted out of the game and with that, he was such an easy player to identify as a threat. Yet, we saw Olivia and Ali discuss trying to keep him yesterday in order to go after Daela. Meanwhile, Johnny has campaigned hard to Will on the subject, hoping to sway his vote, as well.

Our feeling for this week is that Paras is really one of the people with the most power, largely because she holds a lot of influence with Maddy and, in the process of that, also has a pretty good relationship with Will. Based on some of the conversations that Paras has had with both other players and also to the cameras, she is by no means interested in keeping Johnny in the game. She recognizes that he is a threat and, beyond that, does not want to do anything to get rid of Ryan, who she is fairly close with. Keeping Ryan only helps her, as does making sure that Derek and Kaela are happy.

There are only a few people in the game right now who Paras is not super-close with and it’s a pretty short list: Ali and Johnny. If those two are the next two go she feels like almost every person left will want to keep her at least fairly far in the game. It’s pretty remarkable how she has turned things around slightly on the subject of Olivia given how, earlier on in this season, she didn’t want to be anywhere close to her because of Jesse being in the middle of them.

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One other thing that is fairly fun about life in the house at the moment: Even though we’re almost a full month into spring, a big snowfall in Toronto has left things pretty wintry out in the open-air part of the house.

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