The Flash season 4 episode 20: ‘Therefore She Is’ speculation

Flash season 4The Flash season 4 episode 20 is interesting almost from the jump — the title here, after all, is “Therefore She Is.”

What is this a reference to? It is pretty significant that there was a season 4 episode in the first half entitled “Therefore I Am” that gave you more of a sense as to Clifford DeVoe’s backstory. Given her ties to the finale so far we wouldn’t be surprised if this was a chance to get some more insight on Marlize and some of her own history — which, at this point, is rather heartbreaking. The Mechanic, as she is otherwise known, has spent the past few episodes in a Groundhog Day sort of existence where she serves The Thinker until she realizes that he’s forcing her to be in love with him and do his bidding. Then, right when she puts everything together, she forgets everything all over again. This may actually be one of the most depressing storylines for any character on The Flash’s history to date.

Below, The Flash season 4 episode 20 synopsis does give you at least a little bit more information as to what’s coming:

 GYPSY RETURNS — Barry (Grant Gustin) and Team Flash team up with Gypsy (guest star Jessica Camacho) to try to thwart Thinker’s plan. Meanwhile, Cisco (Carlos Valdes) and Gypsy have a heart to heart talk about their relationship. Rob J. Greenlea directed the episode written by Sterling Gates and Thomas Pound.

In some ways, we would say that the return of Gypsy is more of the highlight of this synopsis, especially since her relationship with Cisco has been important over the past two seasons and she hasn’t been around a lot. Plus, there is also that storyline right now where Cisco has a chance to effectively take over Breacher’s job — which we imagine Gypsy may not be that happy about. Where is her promotion, after all? In thinking specifically about this title, though, we have a hard time that this is a direct reference to anything that is going on with Gypsy. She’s not a bus meta so it feels like she may only become collateral damage for DeVoe by accident. (We feel for Cisco already if DeVoe ends up taking over her body by the end of this, but our thinking right now is more that DeVoe, in desperation, may end up taking over Marlize by the end of everything.)

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