The Flash season 4: Could Cisco actually leave the team?

Danny Trejo storyIs Carlos Valdes leaving The Flash at some point this season? While it’s hard to necessarily imagine that happening, Tuesday night’s new episode did set up a way in which the actor could end up departing a little bit later this season.

As for why that moment could come about, it’s really so simple as Breacher offering him a chance to take his position helping to stop bad guys throughout the multiverse. There may not be a better use for his powers out there, and there is another clear motive in order for him to take on the gig: This is an opportunity for him to be able to spend more time with Gypsy. The reason why we haven’t seen more of her (per the show) is that the job keeps her busy. In reality, it’s because Jessica Camacho is currently a regular over on Taken.

If Cisco does leave Team Flash, it would probably reduce Valdes to someone who appears in only a small handful of episodes. The only way we could ever imagine that happening is if he wants to move on to do something different. It’s hard to imagine the series ever wanting to lose one of its most-popular characters. Cisco has been a source of comic relief for much of the series, even though some of that has been moved over to Ralph this season. Our biggest frustration probably with the Cisco arc this year is that there haven’t been too many consistent arcs for him individually other than with Gypsy (which is dependent on Camacho’s schedule) and also him being concerned for Harry and his thinking cap.

The one reason why Cisco wouldn’t leave STAR Labs is a big one: He’s basically one of the creative geniuses behind all they do and the operation really works because of him. He’s the guy who creates the costumes and comes up with many of the tech innovations that they have. Caitlin Snow and Barry Allen are also two of his best friends and Cisco is a pretty loyal guy — he spent a lot of his life without having people around who understood him. With that in mind, we like to think that he wouldn’t want to leave these people behind.

Ultimately, it’s easy to imagine this being a story thread that The Flash revisits a little bit later this year. We will be following this storyline closely.

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