Hawaii Five-0 season 8 episode 20 review: Steve and Catherine’s mission

Hawaii Five-0 season 8 episode 20Going into Hawaii Five-0 season 8 episode 20, we knew that we were going to be in for a pretty exciting hour of television. You had Michelle Borth returning as Catherine, a personal story for Junior, and as it turns out, also a chance to see Jerry be a firefighter … after he accidentally started a fire.

The impetus for the case for Steve and Catherine working together tonight was the two parties doing whatever they could to take down a terrorist threat. There were dirty bombs involved, plenty of danger, and ultimately threats that went just beyond hunters snatching up their stuff.

The funny thing about this episode is that in the end, there was no real need for a showdown at the end of the episode tonight — instead, what we saw here was the bad guy effectively getting blown up. This episode was really more about seeing Steve and Catherine reconnecting after spending so much time apart. Steve did admit to her that he was planning to propose and they had a really nice rapport! Also, wasn’t it nice to see Lynn get mentioned in some form? That’s certainly something that we haven’t had all that much of as of late. (We’re still in the camp that it would nice to see her.)

Meanwhile, Jerry’s hopes of finding a key archeological discovery in this episode were ultimately slashed, largely because of the fact that the “relics” that he found on the scene were all fake. Poor Jerry.

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Junior stranded

Meanwhile, for Beulah Koale’s character tonight what we saw was him stranded in a pit after out on a jog with Eddie — while there, we saw in turn him struggle with his family history, the death of his sister, and also the troubled relationship that he has with his father. While simple, this side-story was a thing of beauty and a great way to give a character some more depth.

Is Adam leaving?

Well, he was planning on it for most of the episode — yet, something seemed amiss judging from the fact that he went back to his old money-dealer from last week looking for an alibi. By the end of this episode, we in turn found ourselves in a situation in which his half-sister’s body was found by the ocean. What does this mean? Consider that a big cliffhanger, and we don’t think that Adam is going anywhere in the immediate future. If he is, that’s a BIG story to save for season 9. Obviously, he could be departing at some point.

CarterMatt Verdict

One of the things that we really want to single out at the moment is the monologue from Beulah Kaole when it comes to his father — and, to go along with it, the writing in that scene. It was one of the most painful but powerful moments we’ve seen on the show this season; we feel almost like we learned more about him within this monologue than we have in the majority of others scenes. Great stuff.

With Adam, we’ve got a big cliffhanger to leave us hanging until next week — and we’ll see whether or not Catherine returns again in the future. This was a nice way to revisit that character — we know that she’s polarizing but we do like having her around in this context.

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