Big Brother Canada 6 live feed spoilers: Likely nominations (day 42)

Johnny MulderIt’s the morning after the major events in the Big Brother Canada 6 house and we’ll admit hat we’re still reeling. Twists are a major part of the game, but what’s so interesting about saving houseguest Ryan (someone should Photoshop him and Saving Private Ryan together) is that doing so actually probably helps Derek and Kaela more than it does him. Meanwhile, it led to the eviction of Erica, someone who was loved by much of Canada.

Basically, all Ryan being saved has gotten him is another week on the block since Derek plans, at least for now, on nominating him alongside Johnny. It’s clear at this point that Johnny wants Daela’s blood, no matter what he may otherwise claim. It’s also clear that Johnny is still reeling from both Erica’s eviction and lying about voting to save her.

Ryan seemingly is a pawn for the time being, but we know that the Power of Veto could easily change that since Johnny is a pretty good competition player. If one of them wins it feels like either Maddy or Will could be replacement candidates, though we also don’t get the sense that Daela really want to nominate Will for a second straight week. That would create a pretty thick line in the sand and it’s hard to walk that back with him. (Granted, this is Big Brother and you do have to do this at some point over the course of the season. Part of the game, folks!)

In the end, we want to think that there could be some drama this week, but it’s really going to take all of the other players coming together and realizing that Daela is on a fast-track to win at this current pace. The best thing some other players could do is keep Johnny, use his challenge ability to split up the showmance, and then get rid of him after the fact. There aren’t enough beasts left in the house otherwise to actually get rid of one of these two. Will and Ali to us are probably the two most disappointing competitors from a physical standpoint.

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