Big Brother Canada 6: Is the latest twist most heartbreaking one yet?

Erica HillIs the latest Big Brother Canada 6 twist the worst one that we’ve seen, at least in terms of sending home a player who didn’t deserve it?

Before we start to be misinterpreted as whining or being overly salty, let’s state this: Twists are a natural part of this game and as long viewers/reviewers of this show, we’ve grown accustomed to seeing them over time. Even if they are unfair to players who have done a great job, this is a game that is inherently unfair at times. It’s an entertainment show not designed to always have a level playing field.

Yet, we do think it’s interesting to look at some of the most gut-wrenching twists in the history of the game — for now, we’d rank what happened to Erica as the second-worst exit for any houseguest on Big Brother Canada to date. Why is that? CarterMatt is ready to break down the top three worst twists:

3. Mitch goes home after Kelsey’s return – This was terrible for Mitch because he was completely running the game, only for then Kelsey to be able to watch him, realize that, and then have him targeted when she came back to the house. This was unfair to him just because he got screwed for being good at the game; yet, it was still dependent on a few different factors, including Kelsey being wise enough to pick up on his dominance and Raul being naïve enough to nominate a close friend of his in the game. Mitch did at least have a shot at the Veto.

2. Erica goes home after Canada saves Ryan – This one stinks because it was later in the game and Erica had zero time to campaign and save herself. She also survived original nominations, which Mitch did not. The one thing going for her is that she could have saved herself in the Veto.

1. Bruno gets screwed by Brittnee’s secret power – This is the worst one for a couple of reasons. For starters, it was pretty close to the end of the game, but beyond that Bruno was in a very good spot. Ashleigh was Head of Household and had little intention of nominating him. He not only went home because of Canada giving a power to either Brittnee or Sarah, but also that Brittnee had the power to then put him on the block. He did technically have the ability to win the Veto that week, but he never imagined that he would need to do so to such a degree. Like Erica, he didn’t have any time at all to really defend himself.

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