Gotham season 4 episode 18 review: Jerome’s mad plan

GothamMoving into Gotham season 4 episode 18 airing on Fox this Thursday night, we knew that Jerome had some pretty big plans on his mind. He wanted to ensure that the entire city turned mad, and he had a rather unique way in which to do that: Using Scarecrow’s toxin as a mean to spread madness throughout the city.

Of course, knowing Jerome it is not a surprise AT ALL that he decided to make a huge spectacle around a rock concert — one that featured a number of other interesting, crazy twists along the way. For starters, Jerome wasn’t satisfied enough getting prominent hostages including some important figures in Gotham’s government — he also wanted Bruce Wayne and also his brother Jeremiah. He wanted to bring as much madness as possible.

Did that work out for him? Yes and no, but there were a few things that he didn’t anticipate — with one being the power of Gotham’s heroes and another one being Penguin’s disloyalty. As Robin Lord Taylor told CarterMatt in a recent interview, Oswald doesn’t want the city destroyed — he wants to rule it. He and Jim have at least one thing in common in making sure Gotham is still standing.

After a crazy showdown, Jerome seemed to meet his end falling off the top of the building … though we have seen this guy die before. To be fair though, Jerome really knows that his death doesn’t actually mean that much when his legacy — and craziness — can live on without him.

In the aftermath of the death…

We saw Bruce pay his respects to Jeremiah, while also still offering to help fund some of his work. Meanwhile, Jim lent Oswald a helping hand.

Here’s some other bad news for Jeremiah: As it turned out, Jerome had saved some special toxin for him to drive him truly mad … as a matter of fact, he may be ready to become a certain Joker.

Barbara’s new destiny

Who had Barbara becoming the new Demon’s Head before the season? We sure didn’t, and to go along with that we certainly didn’t see her embracing all that this implies in some of the ways that we saw here. She felt power, and more than that she literally saw herself in an ancient photo of Ra’s al Ghul. She decided that Tabitha was no longer worthy of her greatness and, effectively, sent her along her way.

Here’s the big surprise in the closing minutes: It turned out that Ra’s al Ghul may still be somewhat alive. Meanwhile, Tabitha finds herself a part of a new crew who is still of the belief that he is still out there and “death is an illusion.”

CarterMatt Verdict

Gotham had one of its most-intense episodes of the show, one that also tied up the story of Jerome while introducing some new concepts at the same time — including that crazy lives on.

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