Grey’s Anatomy season 14 episode 19 review: Cristina Yang saves the day

Grey's Anatomy season 14While we’ve seen Grey’s Anatomy be topical before, it’s fair to say that season 14 episode 19 on Thursday night was a little bit different. “Beautiful Dreamer” was the powerful story of someone who deserved a chance at a great life and a prosperous future. Unfortunately, it didn’t seem as though she was going to get the chance she so deserved.

That person at the center of tonight’s episode was Sam Bello, a woman who found herself targeted by an ICE agent over what amounted to just a ticket she got over an issue at a red light. She had to scramble to figure out what to do, and the same went for the other doctors who were desperate to help her.

One of the people who ended up helping her was Miranda Bailey, who first tried to stall the ICE agent with a treatment or two — only to then learn that he actually needed surgery in order to keep him from having a heart attack. That was enough of a diversion for the team to come up with a contingency plan in order to help her — eventually, the plan actually led to Cristina Yang getting involved! While Sandra Oh wasn’t involved in the story, Meredith was able to use Cristina in order to ensure that Sam got a special place at her institution in Switzerland. This was a program that, due to some forged documents, she applied for a good year ago.

With all of this in mind, we said goodbye to Sam Bello tonight. Let’s just hope that there is a chance for her to return down the road. DeLuca, for the time being, had to say goodbye.

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As for some other stories…

April sees Matthew Taylor again

Earlier this season, her downward spiral was started in part because of what happened to Matthew’s new wife. He was struggling, but over the course of the episode the two started to bond at least a little. Could April’s exit be tied to him in some point?

Owen is adopting

After trying so hard to have a baby in some of his past relationships, he decided in the end that he was going to start the process himself. Who doesn’t want to see Owen with a kid?

Jackson and Maggie

Let’s just say that what happened to Sam and DeLuca is causing the two to reexamine some of the feelings that she had, and Jackson in turn for Maggie.

CarterMatt Verdict

In between all of this and what happened with Richard’s sponsor, this was a pretty incredible episode of Grey’s Anatomy that brought SO much drama and passion. Great performances all around and, if this is the end for Jeanine Mason, she certainly went out in an exciting way.

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