Suits season 7 episode 13 review: Are Harvey, Paula breaking up?

Suits season 7 episode 8Welcome to Suits season 7 episode 13, otherwise known as the episode in which Harvey has a reason to get angry at his mother again.

Tonight, that happened when Harvey’s mom (while at a dinner party with him) made it clear that it was a “special person” who encouraged him to get back in touch with her. Paula assumed that this special person was Harvey; however, it was Donna. What this in mind, Paula started to crumble and realized that there was no way she could continue to be with Harvey if it meant that Donna was still working with him. It was her own insecurity and she hated that she felt that way. Nonetheless, she couldn’t change it and gave Harvey an unfortunate ultimatum.

This, as you would imagine, upset Donna — especially when she started to realize that Harvey orchestrated a job offer elsewhere so that she could move forward and that he could also continue to have his relationship. Donna couldn’t convince Paula to change her mind when it came to her being at the firm.

Ultimately, it was Donna who chose to make the big move: She resigned at the end of the episode, thinking that this would help. Following that, Harvey then realized that he couldn’t allow this to happen. He went over to Paula’s home and broke up with her, realizing that he may not have had another choice. After that, he then went back to Donna’s apartment in hopes of making things right. He brought her back to the firm and he made it clear that his relationship was over. Harvey did decline the opportunity to go into Donna’s apartment which is something that we actually really appreciated.

The struggles for Mike and Rachel

Given how much time that this two characters have spent taking care of other problems (including Mike getting out of prison) it really shouldn’t come as much of a shocker that they don’t know how to take care of themselves. They had never really talked all that much about their futures before and that led to some serious tension.

Yet, they came up with a better way to talk about their future and as a result of that, seem to be moving forward with whatever their future is going to be … but it does seem to be away from New York.

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CarterMatt Verdict

The entire earth shattered with the closing minutes tonight and for a good reason. This was the biggest ending to any Suits episode in quite some time given that Donna was almost gone from the firm for good. We’re also glad that Darvey didn’t officially happen tonight. There will be time for it down the road and we don’t want to connect that relationship too much to this breakup.

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