Big Brother Canada 6: Hopefully, this is the calm before the storm

Big Brother Canada 6 premiereIn between watching Wednesday night’s new episode of Big Brother Canada 6 and then also checking out some of the latest from the live feeds, one thing is starting to become clear: This game needs a shake-up.

If there are two words to describe the house right now, these are them: Too nice. There’s just not a ton of interesting, creative stuff going on in the game at the moment. Ryan is sitting on the block and barring a crazy twist from Canada, he is going home. Meanwhile, you have a lot of other players who are just sitting back and waiting to make their next moves. This may be the most boring day of live feeds that we’ve seen — ironically, we’ve gotten most of that while at the same time we didn’t get the feeds from some of the crazier moments in the game.

The biggest problem is that as of right now, there are some duos who are clearly running this game, with Erica/Johnny, Derek/Kaela, and Olivia/Ali doing fairly well at the moment. Paras is navigating between some of them and then you have some outside players like Ryan, Maddy, and Will. (Technically Will is close to many people, but him being on the block this week isn’t the best look for this game.) Until some of these duos are targeted together and people start to turn on each other, we may not get too much in the way of excitement.

Unfortunately, season 6 is one of those seasons where you did end up losing some of your bigger personalities super-early. Rozina left on week 1, whereas Jesse left right when he was starting to get interesting. Losing both Veronica and Hamza during the double-eviction was a killer. No matter what you may have thought about the quality of their games, the two did at least make an effort to stir things up and keep things reasonably interesting with some of their moves.

Maybe there are people this season playing some reasonably-solid games; yet, consider what’s going on right now a sign that sometimes, being big fans of Big Brother doesn’t necessarily mean that you are the most fun to watch. This season needs a significant shot of energy, and not just in the form of a board game for people to play or a task that provides some temporary entertainment. The ratings also are not necessarily amazing this season, so it could use a good shot in the arm in that capacity as well, in the event the series wants to see a season 7. Remember that there was a point where we all thought that season 6 might not happen at all.

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