How much should Outlander season 4 promote Jamie – Brianna meeting?

Outlander season 4This week, Outlander season 4 officially filmed one of its most-important scenes in the entire history of the series: The meeting between Jamie and Brianna. These are two characters who are strong-willed, and are getting a chance to do something that they never thought possible. This is one of the most memorable moments within Drums of Autumn and, in turn, it should be one of the biggest moments in the entire series.

With that in mind, another question does quickly come to mind: How much should Starz actually promote this? Should this be the season 4 edition of the Print Shop in terms of hype? There’s really a case to be made both for against it.

The case for it – It helps from a promotional standpoint to have some sort of specific event to showcase for viewers in the months leading up to the episode airing. This gives the fourth season something very specific and tangible to set up. If the series opts to not go in this direction, the strategy would need to be simply to promote Outlander in a similar fashion to season 2, where much of it was based around getting to see Jamie and Claire in a very different sort of location. That can be effective from the standpoint of new costumes and history, but it’s hard to gear any buzz towards a specific episode.

Having casual viewers (those unfamiliar with the story of the books) know that this moment is coming later in the season may help to hold their interest.

The case against it – With that being said, do you really want to hype up much of your season with an event that is considered a spoiler of this magnitude? It is a good question to wonder given that as of right now, Brianna is nowhere near even going back into the past, let alone crossing the Atlantic and meeting her father. Granted, a good counter-argument here is that Claire and Jamie were nowhere close to reuniting at the end of season 2, but it may have been easier for casual viewers to assume that was coming given that Outlander without the love story is nowhere near the same story at all.

If we had to guess, we would say that eventually, Outlander will promote the meeting in some capacity … but not by showing footage of the actual scene. Instead, they will likely show Brianna leading up to the scene and maybe even a line or two of dialogue from it without showing footage of the two within the same frame. That gives everyone from readers to non-readers alike something to be excited about.

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