Why a Lucifer season 4 renewal is so important now

Lucifer - ChloeAt the moment, the Lucifer cast and crew are doing their part in order to wrap up the third season — why not give them a rather-lovely gift in a season 4 renewal?

Of course, there is only so much that can be done here from a fan perspective given that Fox are the ones really in control of what’s going to happen here. They’re the ones looking at all of the live+same-day data and, in turn, they understand what the DVR and streaming numbers are. They are facing a big choice between the Tom Ellis series and many others, which CarterMatt has fully outlined further over at the link here. It’s possible that a show within the cluster of Lucifer, Gotham, The Resident, and Lethal Weapon is not brought back, though personally we’re hoping to see all four of them return in some capacity.

For Lucifer in particular, we like to think that there are some added reasons for Fox to make the move to renew, and to make it quickly. For starters, nobody wants to enter the season not knowing what the show’s future is going to be. This gives fans a chance to tune out some of the distractions and just focus on the fun! Also, this brings us back to the fun itself. We’ve long been a fan of comedic cop shows ever since childhood, and in some ways it’s become a little more of a rarity these days as networks try to push themselves to become darker and more serious. Lucifer does have some of these dark moments, but it balances them out with silliness and fun characters. It’s a series that makes you smile (somewhat ironic for a show featuring the Devil), and it airs within an era where there are many people all over the world in need of a smile at the end of a long day. It offers something special and it gives you a little bit of genre credibility. Also, Lucifer is a show that’s easily marketable all over the world. Even viewers who are not necessarily familiar with the comics will be intrigued by the series because of the name and story premise alone.

Sure, we understand there are drawbacks with this show on Fox, including that they don’t fully own it and the live ratings are down year-to-year. We just think that some of the benefits outweigh that.

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If you want to help save Lucifer…

Fight hard for it on social media and use the #RenewLucifer hashtag. Keep abreast of the latest campaigns (LuciFans on Twitter is a great group to follow for that) and do whatever you can in order to financially support Fox for airing the show. This can mean anything from streaming it online to making sure you convince families with Neilsen boxes to check it out live. Ratings are in some ways an antiquated system, but there are still occasions in which it can work for you. Even buying DVDs can at least add further incentive to negotiations between Fox and Warner Bros. TV.

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