Ink Master season 10 episode 14 review: Is this the hardest elimination to date?

Ink Master season 10

Ink Master season 10 episode 14 has officially come and gone, and in the aftermath of this one emotion remains for us: Frustration.

For most of this season, we have argued that Deanna Smith had a winner’s edit on this show and to go along with that, she was a very talented artist. While she may not have more experience than many of the other artists this season, she tried to compensate for that by being open and ready to take on any challenge. She withstood many difficult canvases and also very difficult tattoos, and we know that she was a favorite for many on social media.

Now, the big question here is this: Did Deanna deserve to go home for her portrait? You can make a case both for and against it. When it comes to the case for it, Deanna did have an opportunity to choose a different canvas and ended up picking the hardest one to replicate. Her photo was so small that it made it very hard to mirror that.

Beyond that though, there was another issue — portraits are supposed to be her specialty. She probably was held to a higher standard because of that and with that in mind, the judges may have been extra tough.

The big argument against Deanna going home is pretty simple: You can make the case that Roly stuck around so that Team Steve could have an artist still on the show. Roly is the biggest underdog remaining, and we wouldn’t be shocked to see him make it to the finale. Really, at this point it’s a two-man race between Josh Payne and Juan Salgado; whoever else gets into the final three is going to do so as the massive underdog.

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CarterMatt Verdict

Here is the good thing creatively about tonight’s Ink Master episode — for most of the season, we’ve been claiming that the show needed to create some sort of big shocker that got people talking. While we are at a point in the season where great artists will be going home, it’s still a shock for it to be Deanna here. This will generate some controversy and, even if people out there don’t like the decision that the judges made in the end, getting some conversation going will still ultimately be seen as a net positive for the series itself.

Ultimately, the biggest thing that’s going to make this show rise to the next level in the final two episodes is seeing some of the best, most memorable tattoos of the season. We’ve got the remaining artists going toe-to-toe and, to go along with this, opportunities to see the coaches do battle at the end of the season.

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