Scorpion season 4 episode 21 review: Does Paige know about Walter’s lie?

Given that Scorpion season 4 episode 21 was only one episode away from the big season finale, it’s fair to have expectations that were fairly close this being through the roof.

Tonight, the story went beyond the roof and into the sky, mostly because Paige found herself in a position where she was responsible to help stop a plane crash. Sylvester and Cabe were separated for most of the episode in different parts of the plane while Walter was back at home, doing what he could in order to help from afar.

Was this action-packed? Absolutely, even though we do feel as though we’ve seen a ton of episodes as of late featuring people stuck in mid-air trying to save the lives of characters around them. This is a pretty common trope, but the one thing that made this especially interesting was putting Paige, the character with the least knowledge of science, at the center of it. This is far from the first time that she’s been in this position on the series but still, we do enjoy it every time she is.

In the aftermath of the mission, Happy’s attempts to save the team ended up causing her to be in severe danger. She was putting herself at risk and, understandably, that was making Toby nervous. Given that the two are still trying to have a baby, they had to come up with the right way in which to handle her desire to do some new things while also keeping Toby from worrying too much.

Will Walter confess his lie?

That is something that he debated and agonized over for most of the episode, really to the point where he tried confessing it to her right in the middle of her efforts to save the plan. She didn’t want to hear it then and that’s another lesson Walter has to realize: He cannot just operate on his own terms with everything. Also, he has to figure out that there is a difference between a white lie and the lie in which he told.

Yet, when Paige was back at the garage, he decided that he still didn’t want to go through with being honest … and Paige knew it. There was something that he was still amiss, and that sets the stage now for what the finale will be.

In some other romance updates, Sylvester finally decided that he was going to ask out Florence and Ralph decided to finally make a bold move on his own with Patty. He asked her on a date … and it didn’t work. In her words, she’s just too old for him. This was a tough thing for Ralph to hear.

CarterMatt Verdict

Scorpion season 4 episode 21 ended up being one of the most intense episodes of the entire season; and, to go along with that, it was a nice showcase for Katharine McPhee.

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