Do Timeless season 2 episode 4 ratings spell trouble for NBC show?

Timeless season 2 key artThe latest Timeless season 2 episode 4 ratings are in courtesy of NBC, and unfortunately, they are such that it saps away a little bit of the hope that we have for more.

Last week, we said that if the series could maintain a 0.7 rating for the remainder of the season that it would have a good shot of coming back for another batch of episodes. Unfortunately, Sunday night’s installment “The Salem Witch Hunt” ended up drawing a 0.6 in the live+same-day ratings. While the one-week hiatus for the Jesus Christ Superstar production may have factored into the ratings somewhat, ultimately there are only so many reasons you can chalk up for a show’s performance.

The big cause for concern at the moment is simply this: The longer that a season tends to go on, the more in turn that it ends up impacting the ratings negatively until the finale (that’s just typically how it rolls). With that, the series is fighting somewhat of an uphill battle. It is possible for the ratings to rise slightly and give NBC confidence in a season 3, but it’s going to take the fans continuing to rally and trying their best to either watch live or via some other sort of platform where the series can be properly monetized. Meanwhile, keeping the fight on social media going is equally important.

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We know that it can be exhausting to continue to have to fight tooth-and-nail in order to keep a show on the air that really deserves to have a spot on the schedule, but the unfortunate reality here is that this is a very competitive landscape and Timeless is on at a time that’s late in the night. The fact that it’s coming from an outside studio hurts it in some ways and we can’t imagine that it’s the cheapest show ever with all of the costumes. It needs the support, and it needs to continue to have it at a time that is far before the finale.

We’ll continue to bring you ratings through out the season — in summation for now, we’re bummed about the latest performance. Yet, at the same time this does not equal a death sentence by any means.

What do you think about the Timeless season 2 episode 4 ratings?

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