The Good Karma Hospital season 2 episode 4 review: Ruby comes to terms

The Good Karma Hospital

Going into The Good Karma Hospital season 2 episode 4 on ITV Sunday night, there were of course many questions surrounding the Ruby character. How was she going to react to the news that her uncle was really her father?

At first, she understandably did not want anything to do with the man. Not only did he run away from her for most of her entire life, but he also brought her into his life under false pretense. She was encouraged by some others to give him a chance, but that was difficult. Regardless of how much he may say he cares about her now, it hardly makes up for years of neglect.

Eventually, Ruby did have a conversation with him before heading back home once the roads cleared up. She also was able to use a few of her medical skills along the way.

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The tale of a “Goddess”

We saw a story where a young woman arrived to the hospital claiming that she was actually a goddess. This was one of the more unusual stories of the season, and at first it wasn’t the easiest one in the world to believe. Yet, when said goddess was actually able to show a touch of clairvoyance, there actually was a moment to believe her.

Unfortunately, what happened with her and Paul proved to be a scary moment. After she sang to him a song that she would never seemingly be able to know, he showed all of the symptoms of a heart attack and collapsed. Is Philip Jackson leaving the show? We wondered, but luckily it seemed as though he was able to make it through what proved to be little more than a scare. What he actually experienced was a panic attack rather than a heart attack, which was something that we certainly feared. It was clear that there was a larger reason for what happened with Paul, even though he as not able to admit to it at first.

As it turned out, this “Goddess” was actually just a young woman with a brain tumor; yet, it was benign and she should be able to live with it, at least for now.

Meanwhile, Lydia and Mari had some tension in the hospital over a birth. Lydia did not love the idea of Mari taking on a baby with a significant disorder that will cause her to die at an early age. Lydia, meanwhile, was concerned about her getting too close to a patient. Mari was ready to bring the baby home, but in the end, the mother decided that she wanted to keep the baby herself. This was painful, but it was also understandable. Some things in life you cannot predict in advance and this just so happened to be one of them.

In the aftermath of all of this Mari and Lydia did have another heart to heart, and in the end, they were able to get back on the same page once more.

CarterMatt Verdict

The Good Karma Hospital delivered another good episode overall this week, one with a number of emotional moments but also a happy one — Ram proposed before it was too late!

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