Ordeal by Innocence episode 3 (finale) preview: The Rachel mystery solved

Ordeal by Innocence episode 3Who killed Rachel? That’s the question that looks to be resolved on next week’s Ordeal by Innocence episode 3, the final installment of the Agatha Christie adaptation on the BBC. Given that the miniseries to date has not been altogether faithful to the source material, there is at least some reason to speculate that the ending of the journey could be different here. No matter how it plays out, there is a chance for some answers coming up in what should be an exciting, dramatic, and hopefully different final chapter to the story.

The Ordeal by Innocence episode 3 synopsis that CarterMatt has for you below does give you a reasonably good sense of what some of the pieces are that are going to bring you by the end of the case:

The Argyll children finally face up to the disastrous events that led to Rachel’s murder.

Everyone in the family had a reason to want Rachel dead, everyone has something to hide about that terrible Christmas Eve. Only by facing these secrets can the real identity of Rachel’s killer emerge. But Arthur’s assertion that he is telling the truth puts him in serious danger and there is a race against time to save him.

At Sunny Point, justice has fallen out of the hands of the law, and Leo and Gwenda’s wedding becomes a theatre of brutal revenge.

While we’re sure that the final episode of the miniseries will offer up some answers, one of the larger questions we do wonder at present is what the larger legacy of Ordeal by Innocence will be? Is the BBC going to consider this a success? The ratings for the show have certainly been rather solid. Yet, at the same time it was a rather complicated journey to get to this point in between adapting the source material and then some of the changes that were made with Ed Westwick being removed from the cast over allegations of sexual abuse. He was eventually replaced by Christian Cooke, who’s done a fantastic job. We just hope that some of the Westwick headlines have not overshadowed the series. Hopefully, by the end of the finale the story itself will be able to stand adequately on its own two feet.

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