Shadowhunters season 3 episode 4 sneak peek: Magnus lends Alec a hand

Magnus BaneShadowhunters season 3 episode 4 is going to be arriving on Freeform Tuesday night, and with that, you’re going to be seeing Alec and Magnus working together once more. This time around, it’s Magnus who is lending Alec a helping hand. The sneak peek that CarterMatt has for you below is proof of that!

What’s happening to cause Alec so much stress goes a little bit something like this: The institute is struggling in the midst of mundane murders, which are coming about mostly through demonic possession. They haven’t quite figured out the identity of the Owl (spoiler alert — it’s Jace even though Jace isn’t quite aware of it) and beyond that, there haven’t really been any answers when it comes to Morgan. Alec’s struggling; isn’t helping your partner through something like this what being a good boyfriend is all about?

At the end of the sneak peek Magnus promises to come down to the institute in order to see if he can use his magic to present a solution to the Morgan dilemma. If that happens, maybe the Shadowhunters get one step closer to finding the answers they are so desperately seeking. What this sneak peek mostly evokes is the deep love that Alec and Magnus have for each other, and also that you can create a great TV relationship without throwing them into forced situations where they are fighting all the time. Is it good for Malec to have a little bit of conflict? Absolutely, mostly because that makes the relationship real. Yet, these conflicts should be balanced out with situations like this, ones where Alec can be open to his partner about what he’s struggling with and this is where Magnus does his part to make it better. This is about open communication and the two striving to find solutions. These are the sort of things that will continue to make this relationship stronger moving forward.

Magnus and Alec are certainly going to need each other given that we don’t imagine anything getting easier for the Institute anytime soon. The moment the truth comes out with Jace (it has to happen eventually, right?) all hell is going to break loose; meanwhile, there’s also the impending meeting with Lilith that we’re sure has to happen eventually and beyond that, there are some other relationships on the show that need to be attended to. To think, we haven’t even brought up what’s happening with Simon and some of his powers — clearly, there is a lot going on with the season right now! That’s good since there are only so many episodes in order to tell all of these different stories.

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What do you want to see on Shadowhunters season 3 episode 4, and do you like this sneak peek as a great example of the strength of Malec? Let us know some of your thoughts below!

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