Station 19 episode 4 review: Jack and Andy ignite– and then burn out

Station 19

Station 19 episode 4 continued what has been a pretty solid tradition so far for the ABC series, and that is combining some danger and intensity with interesting character drama — and a small bit of medicine out in the field.

The good news is that, at least so far, the Grey’s Anatomy spin-off is not trying too hard to push a bunch of tragedy on you. They recognize that there is only so much of this that viewers can probably take and with that, they’re taking things slowly.

The same goes for introducing some of the supporting cast. We got a chance to see a small amount of that tonight courtesy of what happened with Maya. We learned tonight that she had a brother who struggled and had serious demons; she managed to find a lot of success in her life, whereas he was an addict who overdosed on the same day that she won an Olympic gold medal. She got closer to Ryan during this episode as she looked towards him as a comfort. She didn’t want to speak to Andy or anyone else about it at length; we should just be happy that there is someone she can talk to. (In the midst of her learning about her brother being locked up, it was nice to see her go out into the field in order to save someone.)

Meanwhile, on a lighter note tonight gave us a fun, lighthearted story revolving around Dean as he tried to get Pruitt to give him romantic advice. Meanwhile, Ben tried to comfort Vic after thinking that she was terrified of fire; she didn’t want to admit to that, knowing that this would likely be the end of her entire career. Travis also did his part to help care for a woman in need of medical care but who was reluctance to get treatment for it.

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As for romance, let’s just say that Andy and Jack seem to be heating up again! Even though they have some disagreements about how to run the firehouse, they do have a passion that has been completely unparalleled. Yet, at the end of the episode Jack admitted to her that he wanted more than just a serious of random hookups. She wasn’t ready for more; unfortunately, he was. This is the standstill that the two parties are in at the moment and it’s hard to say whether or not things are going to change. For Andy, Station 19 is her home.

Well, the cliffhanger tonight is Pruitt seeing Jack and Andy in the middle of a moment — with their relationship starting to take center stage at the firehouse, there could be trouble.

CarterMatt Verdict

Tonight, Station 19 gave you a little more romance, but in terms of the entire cast as a whole, the best episode of the entire season. Beyond that, though, we still don’t think the narration is all that necessary on this show.

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