Criminal Minds season 13 episode 19 review: Did Simmons’ wife survive?

Criminal Minds season 13 episode 19It was pretty clear going into Criminal Minds season 13 episode 19 that this was going to be one of the most dramatic episodes of the season. How else do you describe a case that put the life of Matt Simmons’ wife Kristy on the line?

Kristy had just started a new job weeks before the hostage situation, and what we ended up seeing was a situation in which the criminal at the heart of the operation refused to do anything unless he got the approval that he needed from his father — a man who is currently awaiting his fate on death row. We saw Rossi pay this man a visit but, because he wasn’t willing to give into his demands, this ended up being more or less a dead end. Following that, the pressure amounted on the rest of the BAU in order to figure out how to get Kristy and everyone else insight to safety.

It took a good bit of resourcefulness in order to ensure that this could happen. For starters, Kristy had to use a phone she was planning to give Matt in order to help. Following that, Garcia was able to activated and she used that as a connection to the outside world. After this the BAU was able to figure out who the leader really was and with that, figure out how to use his story and his background to their advantage.

Things became really touch and go when Kristy had a gun pointed to her face as a result of her going rogue. Were it not for the team remotely giving her information to disarm the UnSub, she would have ultimately not made it through the situation alive. Around this point Matt charged in, and Kristy ultimately had to defuse him from going John Rambo on everyone, mowing down people left and right. This was a bloody episode with a pretty harrowing finish; this is the sort of case that feels like it’s going to stick with Matt for a long time. Still, what a physical, fantastic performance from both Daniel Henney and Kelly Frye within this episode as they went through some of the worst moments of their lives. After all of the chaos, it was nice that the two had a chance to share a quiet moment together in the end back at home.

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CarterMatt Verdict

A very strong episode of Criminal Minds and, beyond that, the perfect time in order to have a Matt Simmons showcase. This was his best episode since joining the team and we hope that it leads to him getting even more down the line. This is assuming that there is a season 14 but, at the moment, we’re pretty darn confident that this is going to happen.

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