Suits season 7 episode 12 review: Harvey and Paula’s confessions; Louis is a ‘Bad Man’

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Suits season 7 episode 12 was a story of many different things; yet, surprisingly, heartbreak was almost as prominent as any of the legal cases.

For starters, Harvey Specter received some rather sad news in the early going when it comes to his relationship with Paula Agard: It was on the rocks, mostly because of him not telling the truth when it comes to his past with Donna. It wasn’t about the act; instead, it was about the lack of transparency. Eventually, Harvey did come back to Paula at the end of the episode in order to make it clear precisely how he felt and where he was coming from. Meanwhile, Paula admitted that she was threatened by Donna on some level. The two eventually did come back together, so there is no end to the Paula / Harvey romance for now.

Meanwhile, for Louis Litt tonight this heartbreak came with him trying to manage some of the feelings that he has for Sheila, which wasn’t altogether easy for him. Yet, he knew that he couldn’t forever be her second choice, the man that she slept with here and there before going back to her fiancé. We got a little bit more insight regarding this story courtesy of some flashbacks, which gave us a little bit more insight when it comes to a past relationship with Mitzy, a woman who strung him along so that she could date another guy in secret that her parents would not approve of. (Who else loves Young Louis almost as much as Old Louis?)

At the end of the episode we saw Louis go and kiss Sheila — with that, he decided that he wanted to embrace being a Bad Man. That’s different. He decided that he didn’t want to be the old version of himself. While this may mean that he gets Sheila now, we’re not sure that it lasts forever.

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Mike Ross vs. Oliver

This was a case that we didn’t see coming, mostly because through most of the season Mike was a mentor-of-sorts to Oliver and others at the clinic. However, in this particular story what we saw was the student really proving how much he’s learned. Oliver proved to be formidable in a deposition and this led to Mike having to get creative. This was the most we’ve ever seen the two be at each other’s throats, but in the end it proved useful because it allowed Mike to really see him as an equal. Oliver appreciated that, and the two ended the episode on much better terms.

Can Harvey get Jessica the money?

This was the other big story at the foundation of the hour tonight, mostly because Jessica needed a hefty sum of money from an untraceable account. This proved difficult, as Harvey had to go in and cash in an old favor. Not everyone is altogether willing to deal within that sort of world — yet, Harvey had a chance to do a right for Jessica to compensate for what happened with the Bar.

CarterMatt Verdict

Overall, Suits tonight brought you a very good episode that offered up at least a little bit of closure — Jessica got some of the money she wanted, and with that all debts seemed to be paid.

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